Crystal River Sprint Triathlon… and tubing!

Since this was just a sprint and I have a lot of pictures, I am going to spare you the narrative and just post a lot of pictures

Saturday was the first of a 3 part sprint Triathlon series in Crystal River.  This was a 400m bay swim, 15 mile bike, and 3 mile run.

Sprints hurt.

The swim was a running start from the beach.  Luckily there aren’t really any waves so I was able to work on entry and dolphining from a running start.  Not my best swim ever, but finished ahead of enough people to feel ok about it. I still know that I need a ton of work here, so I’m just going to keep grinding.

In T1 I opted, for the first time to go sockless since I felt it would be a good idea to figure out how I felt about this and my transitions need work as is.

The bike was fast and flat–a straight out and back.  Due to where I was, the course wasn’t too crowded so it was easy enough to pass people and also avoid any drafting.  This is good because while “drafting” can give that slight advantage, it does nothing to help develop my power systems. It was frustrating to see packs of riders coming at me in the other direction as I made my way on the back half of the course.

I finished the bike with and average pace of about 22.5 mph.  Threw on my shoes and bolted out on the run.  3 miles is no joke.  I set my Garmin to Heart Rate and just ran as hard as I could so that I couldn’t look at my pace. After pushing hard on the bike and pushing hard on the run, I was definitely feeling it (it was awesome!)

I kept thinking to myself, I do half Ironman’s??  How do I possibly do those runs?? But these are completely different types of runs. It tells me that I need to better develop the capacity of my heart muscle to allow me to go harder.

My pace for the run was 6:11 min/mile.  Pretty happy with that and 10th overall run.

Overall I came in 32/275 and 2nd in my age group.  The guy who beat me was pretty good, but did get a drafting penalty… No I shook his hand, the picture just caught me at an awkward time lol

Here’s the group we brought from XpMultisport–all the victorious finishers!

After the race we drove up to Rainbow River and spent the afternoon tubing down it in our Walmart Innertubes. The water was perfect and it was a blast.  And rope swings?  Hell. Yeah.

We also began swimming in the long course pool this week. One practice in and I really like it.  I think this is going to really help my stroke. Right coach?

This Sunday I am racing the Long Course Duathlon National Championships in Cambridge, MD. I fly out Friday morning and am really stoked but really nervous/exited to race. We will see what this race holds and who shows up.

Alls I know, when I toe that start line, I’m going to be ready to go and balling to win.

Rock the W


6 thoughts on “Crystal River Sprint Triathlon… and tubing!

  1. Ballin 😉
    Congrats on a great finish Chuck! You’re such a rockstar…good luck this wknd too! And safe travels. Happy day buddy!


  2. I knew how short sprint tri’s were, but it never really clicked in my mind if that makes sense. (I just always assume tri-long, grueling race). HA! How long does it take for you to do one? 75 minutes? (I just pulled that out of nowhere!).

    Obviously reminds me of a 5k running….yeah I gotta start those soon. 😉

  3. Nicely done! Is it weird that the one thing that I noticed right away is that you have your ears out of your cap? I always used to do that with my left ear but not my right. I think I am a little OCD about swimming. Anywayyyy. Can’t wait to hear about this weekend! And I am glad someone appreciates the long course pool. Eww.

  4. Good luck with the duathlon this weekend! And congrats on 2nd in your age group–that’s really awesome. Best part of the post, though? The awesome tubing pics–nothing like relaxing and chilling for a bit to ramp up training.

  5. Heya Bud,

    Congrats on your finish and good look with next week. Seems like your hard work is really paying dividends :). Also tubing looks like crazy fun :).

  6. Read your last tweets. Shoot me an email if you want . This is jasper808. Got a touch of experience on this

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