Running in Place

Well due to the heat of the Boston Marathon, maybe it’s a good think I couldn’t run it this year… although I still would have liked to!  But being smart and respecting that my knee is injured, not running was a good decision.  That being said, I went to the orthopedist last week and he looked at it and took X-Rays. Basically, what he said was that its more of a chronic thing from a physiological standpoint—that my hips rotate inward slightly putting more pressure on my knee joint.  Therefore, in his example, I could go run like 3 marathons and be fine, and then decided to do an easy 10k and have had this happen.  There’s no real predictor for it.

Got my MRI results back this morning and here is what the doctor told me: I have a slightly torn Meniscus and light arthritis in my left knee.  That gave me 2 options, surgery or cortisone shot and Physical Therapy.  The surgery was just a bad idea altogether because it would just be removing the Meniscus and making the arthritis more susceptible to worsening.

The Cortisone shot will take the pain and inflammation away and get me back to training,  Overall what this means is that someday my running had a stop sign.  Whether that’s 10 years or 50 years, we can’t say, but by doing the PT and the cortisone shot, I can preserve it as long as possible.

So that being said, I can pretty much go back to training tomorrow,  taking it easy the first day, but then pretty much good to go.  So I guess its not good news, but since there’s nothing I can really do about it, it’s not that big of a deal! And I figure hell, in 20 years we’ll have the technology to fix this anyway so I’ll be good for life!
So he gave me orthotic inserts for my shoes and I am using those when I run.  Also got all my new gear in from K-Swiss and the Wattie Ink Team and I’ve heard these Kwicky Blade Lights run really well.  Also, with the knee, I don’t think I am going to do Florida 70.3  This would be a half Ironman on May 20th, but instead I think I am going to do an Olympic Triathlon in North Florida.  Honestly, it’s not really any easier, as my instructions from my coach are “to cross the finish line and fall over and die”.  Like, we’re talking ball out.  I also don’t know that I would be in quite the shape I want to be in for an Ironman race, plus they are expensive.

This was the first week I was finally able to pick training back up a bit.  I got to run some this weekend and it felt good, although I kept the pace moderate and didn’t do any kind of intervals, etc.  Also spent a fair amount of time on the bike…well, on the bike in my apartment—thank God the Capitals and NHL Playoffs are on!  Even though the Caps lost their first game!! (My playoff beard is coming along nicely as well, although I did get to trim since the Caps won their first series—and so I wouldn’t get fired lol).  However, they won Monday and are in OT right now but I can’t bare to watch

I really focused on my recovery this weekend as these sessions were a little more taxing and I bring back in quality work efforts.  I made awesome recovery shakes which I drank even though I knew dinner would be soon after.  The first was a mix of a chocolate CorePower drink, chocolate protein powder, and some MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides—I’ll talk more about this in an upcoming post).  The second was whole coconut milk with protein and a banana.  There’s nothing better than flopping on the floor with an ice cold shake and just zoning out for a bit after a workout!

I also decided to try out a couple new “recipes” this weekend.  Well, that’s a lie, but I grilled a couple new things.  The first was some delicious grass-fed filet mignon steak!  I seared them in a skillet then finished them in the oven.

The second was some grilled chicken breast wrapped in bacon!  I finally went down to the pool and cranked up the grill—it was awesome!


Yup, I had bacon

Lastly, I roasted half a Kabocha squash in the oven covered in a mix of coconut butter and coconut oil–awesome!  Plenty of cinnamon of course too.


Great flavor


That’s all for now–I have a lot more updates, but those will come later this week!

  1. Have you ever had a Cortisone shot?
  2. Best new recipe or idea you want to share?

6 thoughts on “Running in Place

  1. Sorry about the knee but glad to hear you’ve been listening to your body and taking it easy a little. Hope your team won…I have no clue 🙂
    Happy day Chuck!!


  2. I am so sorry to hear about your meniscus. That sounds awful to be left with no real viable options. I’ve never had a cortisone shot so no advice from me there. I think your a BA for continuing training!

    We’ve been grilling out often too. Marinated veggies & chicken are my favorites.

  3. I’m glad you know what is wrong with your knee. Though it’s not the greatest news-it’s news and you know how to handle it. I do agree though, Boston is a great race but this year would have been miserable. I’ve been making coconut protein shakes with a tablespoon of coconut oil as well as greek yogurt and random things I find in my house…My “foodie” prime at it’s best.

    I got Cortsone shots for my shoulder for swimming in high school. I get them occasionally now but since I’ve stopped swimming 6000 yards daily, there isn’t a need unless it really bothers me.

  4. I’m glad your injuries weren’t any more severe! It’s always tough getting back into training mode after forced time off; seems like your handling the transition really well though. Love that bacon-wrapped chicken! Yums!

  5. Glad to hear you are back and moving buddy, I was worried that you had been so silent for a while :). Knee’s are rubbish ey, they just take such a pounding. I had a similar injury about 6 years ago now, torn meniscus, and my Dad has chronic arthritis in his knees so I’ve got that to look forward to also. I opted for the surgery at the time, I guess I was a bit younger than you and still had plenty of cartilage left over. My knee improved but it definately took time and being strict about doing the strength training.

    After about 2 years I did a dedicated plyo program and also took up yoga. The extra strength in that region has sured it up something fierce and it doesn’t really bother me anymore. I think so long as you aren’t pounding pavement too much and you have good shoes you’ll recover just fine since you don’t play a sport that involves twisting your knee joints to obscene angles :).

    No interesting recepies I’m afraid but I did try flying fish whilst I was on vacation this week. Oh also spam onigiri haha, that really made me giggle. I’ve been surfing with some friends for the first time as well, so sunburnt but so happy. On another note kabocha is actually just the japanese word for pumpkin, so kabocha squash doesn’t really make sense ;). That being said it’s still delicious. Try steaming it then adding a bit of soy sauce, mirin and sugar (or a paleo alternative) if you can get hold of it. Really really tasty.

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