Rants and Raves

I know I haven’t done a written post in a while, but that’s because I’ve been putting together some podcasts that I hope you all can listen to!

First I want to talk about a few things that have been awesome lately… and then a couple rants I have- one being really important.

So- things I’m loving:

  • As I’ve said before, that my computer can read articles to me–but this time, the WAY it reads some words. My favorite is “Paleo”, which it reads “Pahh-lee-oh”.  Also, if anyones types “xoxo” it reads it as “Sockza”  Haha, explain that to me.  And just to let you know, I imagine you all in real life sounding like a computer robot since I have the computer speak your blog posts lol.
  • Brussell Sprouts.  Really! I love vegetables and they are a new way to incorporate more variety.
  • Full fat coconut milk: Check it out- here I mixed it with spaghetti squash and cinnamon… so bomb:

Coconut milk, spaghetti squash, and cinnamon

  • The fact that I still got some high-intensity workouts while I was traveling to Nashville last week. Also met up with my man JC there, who owns www.JCDfitness.com.

Inside of the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville

  • My swims the week before last–I swam over 15,000yds! Hoping to repeat that this week
  • I signed up for 2 races next month- The Gasparilla half marathon on March 4th and the Ocala HITS Half Ironman triathlon on March 25th!  I really need these to test my readiness for Boston so I’m really looking forward to it!  Not thrilled that I have to race against my coach though… but at least he’s not in my age group!
  • FEARLESS NUTRITION RADIO! The podcast I have started with a friend of mine.  We did our bios in the first episode and had an interview with expert Sean Croxton last week.  Pretty cool that we’ve been able to line up some VERY acclaimed and esteemed guests to interview!
  • I ate bacon.. no really!  For the first in my life and all on my own!  Here I made bacon wrapped chicken:


  • I went to Disney last weekend and rode the Rock n’ Roll coaster for the first time… fun picture:


  • New threads: Fly?
  • I downloaded Instagram

First picture My baby

  • Joined Pintrest.. not a bad way to collect recipes and workouts I want to try

Now a couple rants!

  • First, I don’t know if any of you have listened to the podcasts!  We haven’t had many questions come on or any comments.  These take a lot to work and I really want to bring you guys a lot of benefit!  Please let me know if you have any questions that we can answer and guests you’d like to see.  I’ve got nutritionists, pro athletes, and health gurus lined up and I really want to keep this up!
  • Next- I was watching the show “Fat Chef” on Food Network.  I love Food Network and I appreciate what they are doing but it just highlights again to me how many (I didn’t say all!) “Registered Dietitians” really have no idea what they are doing.  The nutritionist wanted to put a 340 pound woman on an 1,800 calorie diet. Clearly she had no idea about the actual laws of thermogenisis where that woman’s metabolism is actually going to be HIGHER than an average-weight person. Not to mention she’s probably burns twice as many calories as the average person as rest due to the fact of supporting and moving all that weight around and the calories needed to maintain it. The right way to do this is to lower calories below maintenance, but this is still going to be a significant amount of calories which will slowly be tapered down as the woman’s weight decreases proportionately.  Sorry, but that just drives me crazy, same with the Biggest Loser, that these “Celebrity dietitians” don’t know things such as this.  Sorry.

Ok, if you read one, read this one.  My dad sent me an email last week asking if the changes I had made in my life lately were truly benefitting me.  And he was asking completely earnestly.  I took this back to my nutritionist as she has been helping me with a lot of things- prioritizing nutrition, sleep, and all that etc. Basically, she called me out real hard.  I had to be honest with myself and my dad and to her!  Have I done any of the plan that I’ve time, money, and focus on doing?  NO!  Not really.  Yeah, I’ve changed my diet for the better, but what good is that if I am not sleeping enough and not making the lifestyle changes that will allow this better, healthier paleo diet to actually work!

How can I expect to increase my testosterone, beat the iron deficiency that has caused me to become anemic, and to release my fears and comforts with foods if I don’t take the first steps to get me there? So basically, I need to harden the fuck up and step it up.  If I can focus so hard on the other things in my life like working out and eating, why can’t I put the remaining piece of the puzzle into place? I am committing to do (I’m sure you’re laughing and saying “gee Chuck, you’ve only said that a MILLION times!”) but now, the harsh reality that my nutritionist has brought to light has got me focused.

Thank you all for reading.  Now go listen to my podcast!


  1. What questions do you have for the podcast?  What guests would you like Max and I to have on the show?  We really can get some “famous” people on there!
  2. Do you have any tasty recipes or ideas using coconut milk?
  3. What are you ranting and raving about this week

14 thoughts on “Rants and Raves

  1. I think your nutritionist might call you out on the spaghetti squash. The thing is like 80% water, there are like 1 and 1/4 lbs of just the peeled squash is like 150 calories – not enough. Not trying to go too far into it on a public site though – you know what to do.

    As for the podcast – make it available so that it can be listened to online. Not everyone wants to download it to itunes.

    And the nutritionist on the fat chef – I didn’t watch, but I think YOU are the one mistaken on the laws of thermogenesis and the impact of additional tissue (especially fat tissue). Creating tissue takes a surplus of calories – yes, but maintaining it…not so much. That goes for muscle as well (Lyle McDonald wrote a piece on this), but especially fat.

    I agree that the changes made need to feel approachable, if someone is suffering there is no way they are going to stick with it long term. But, 1800 is actually a very fair amount, especially for a sedentary woman. I don’t feel that it’s too low at all, it will just come down to food choices.

  2. what did you come to light on?

    felt the need to chyme in on this one:

    out of all the paleo and nutritional stuff we follow and read, calories dont matter! as dave asprey from the bulletproof executive would say, he used to weigh 300 pounds eating 1500 calories/day exercising 6 hours/week and lost nothing until he cut exercise out and ate 4500 calories/day, but grass fed butter/meat rather then sticks and twigs. its all about nutrient density and insulin folks. he now weighs a cut 200.

    and I would agree that an overweight woman expends more calories than an average woman, she overheats easier and moves more weight around which requires more energy on both accounts (to maintain normal body temp on the first one)

    its all about context on the spaghetti squash, sometimes you gotta go low carb and sometimes you gotta refuel.

    • There is definitely something to be said for micro nutrient composition and unprocessed foods, but I believe Dave Asprey is really, really, really exaggerating his former habits, or telling part of the story.

      Paleo may be beneficial for a lot of people, but it’s not this cure-all that so many followers make it out to be.

      but I don’t want to derail the post any further. Perhaps when you two make the podcast more readily available you could have an open call-in or just a post for feedback and comments

  3. I will need to go and listen to these podcasts and I apoplogize to you for not doing so.

    In regards to your eating and plan I will say don’t be TOO hard on yourself otherwise you will never do it. Yes be a bit critical b/c you haven’t followed through but take it as constuctive criticism of yourself and don’t beat yourself up…..does that make sense?

    Onto brussell sprouts….I need to email you pics of the ones I just picked up b/c they are the size of golf balls and some bigger. I have never seen any this big.

  4. Mr GQ 🙂
    I’m glad you finally got instagram…so fun!
    Good for your Dad and nutritionist calling you out. I say that in a nice way….just want what is best for you! We both know what changes need to be made but it doesn’t make it any easier. I’m always here!!

    Hugs to you!

  5. Chuck,

    First, I’m not surprised we have both been digging the brussel sprouts lately. So good. I’m really excited to see where your races go. Seems you have been training a ton so I can only wish you the best! I just know you are going to do fantastic.

    It took me a while to get to this point but my parents, friends and family would often ask me how I was doing a few years ago. In my mind it would always be “Hollie how is your training/eating going?”. Really they were just asking me how I was doing as an overall person. I don’t know-it kind of reminded me of your situation. Change is hard but I promise you, you will benefit from getting more sleep. I didn’t know you were also anemic. I’m actually getting some bloodwork done next week to check for that.

  6. okay- 1. I promise to listen to a podcast today and I will give you feedback. 2. Oddly enough, I have bacon wrapped chicken planned for our dinner tonight. That was weird! 3. Yes, the clothes look good. 4. I can’t really talk nutrition or cooking with you as I suck at both. But, I am trying to learn! 5. My rants for the week…why does my boss have to be so unorganized and make life harder on me? and, why do people feel that they can call me at 7am regarding business? 🙂 Cheers!!!!!

  7. I think I use coconut milk in almost everything 🙂 Love that stuff–makes the best creamy soups! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate, but you seem to be centering everything and making the most of it. That’s rockin’!

  8. Great post!! Love you blog by the way – very honest!
    I think that you could probably make some AWESOME coconut pancakes with coconut flour, coconut oil, and coconut milk (can you tell I’m obsessed with coconut? haha)
    I would love to know about what to eat when you can’t exercise!!!
    I might be sick and unable to exercise for about a month which will probably drive me insane, so it would be beneficial to know how to modify your diet if you are in this situation to avoid any weight gain! (I guess that is my rant haha)

  9. I don’t know why but this post makes me SO excited for the upcoming racing season! If you get your act together it will be an AMAZING year! it sounds like you are getting it together!!!
    Sleeping and Eating ENOUGH are the core components to success! YOU can DO it!
    I’m always cheering for you!

  10. I’m commending you 1,000 times over. Good job for you for getting your own podcast! That is awesome!! I cannot say how awesome that is.

    And 2 things- you swam over 15,000yds? WTF? And you ate bacon wrapped chicken- which totally makes my day. YUM!

    Onto the good stuff: Ah! I LOVE Disneyland!! I’m assuming you went to Disney World though… if not, I’m going to be mad you didn’t tell me you were coming to CA!

    Yeah- I’m with you on your rants. “RD’s” really know what they were taught- which is not saying much in the way of REAL nutrition… sadly! But at least the woman was put on 1800 calories… usually it’s more like 1200 and that is just wrong. SO wrong. I’m still not understanding how that is even the aim of most “diets”. Makes me sad and mad.

  11. those are always hard conversations but oh so good in the end! paleo seems to be doing GREAT things for the body and mind. and jAMES always says to HTF… you know what that means?

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