Happy Thanksgiving

Have an awesome Thanksgiving everyone!  Eat whatever you want, don’t stress, enjoy family and friends, and remember that one day will not break (or make) you!

Here’s a thought: http://trainingforlifeonline.com/3-thanksgiving-nutrition-rules/     I am actually resting and will be doing so for another week… this is the only way to come back strong, motivated, and ready to rock it in 2012!

  1. What are you cooking for Thanksgiving?
  2. Whats your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
  3. Any fun leftover creations??

5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. 1. Nothing! I don’t really cook. I’m going to my partners house and his family is cooking

    2. I looooove stuffing

    3. Leftover mayo, turkey, cheese, stuffing sandwich = delicious.

  2. I agree Chuck. Great post, straight to the point. I really think this rest will do your body wonders. You are going to come back super strong! We have the typical thanksgiving feast in the Heimer household. Nothing too interesting, especially since I have a 5k in two days that I want to do well in. 🙂

  3. Hope you had a great turkey day Chuck!

    I made chocolate chip cookies, haha!
    Hmm I don’t know what my fave is.
    And no fun creations…I keep it boring : )


  4. your link overloaded their server 😉 I am so glad you are giving yourself the rest you deserve and need, it really IS the only way to come back strong! I am happy for you, and excited for next year!

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