Breezing Through The Windy City

It’s been over 2 weeks since I did the Men’s Health Urbanathlon in Chicago, but I wanted to do a quick post on it before I race here in Las Vegas on Saturday! I’m in Vegas (Henderson actually, right now) for the ITU Long Course World Championships Triathlon… It’s gonna be a adventure for sure… There are some hella good athletes here from all over the country.  But anyways, more on that after I FINISH the race.

But back to Chicago- I flew in Thursday and the race was Saturday. Note to all of your- want to race your best? Don’t walk ALLLL over Chicago the day before the race lol.  My buddy Matt and his girlfriend flew in and Matt did the race as well.  Hadn’t seen him in like 3 years which was awesome.  They got in Thursday night and they hadn’t eaten so went to RockIt Bar so they could get some food- check out their Rockit Burger: Kobe beef, brie cheese, and a black truffle sauce, plus black truffle duck fat fries. I didn’t try any, but wow…

Realness. Nice work Matt

The race consisted of a 9.5 mile race through downtown Chicago- Navy Pier, Millennium Park, and climbing the bleachers in Soldier Field (Where the Bears play).  This race was hard for me- I’m not as strong as I was when I was lifting more, so things likes the 6-foot military hurdle were a little tough.  Good wake up call though.

I finished like 130 or 145? overall of like 3,200, which was ok but I wasn’t thrilled because I wanted to be running fast pace wise and not have trouble with the articles. Haha, I have no fast twitch muscles left thanks to all the triathlons. (To combat this, I’ve started doing box jumps every day.)

So that’s all, here are just a bunch of pictures. I have a ton of other stuff to focus on tonight…

Race Bib

Finish Line

Cheese Boiga Cheese Boiga! Remember this place from the John Belushi SNL skit?

Take a bit outta that! This was at the Natural History Museum


The final wall





Post race Pizza!  Tried to just relax and enjoy this, and I did pretty well.  I avoided a lot of crust and cheese but it was still good! Tons of Vegetables and Chicken!!  This was at Ginos East

My pizza and Matts pizza


Peace out Chi-Town


More soon…




6 thoughts on “Breezing Through The Windy City

  1. I just texted you but I didn’t realize you were in Henderson versus Vegas. I spent a couple weeks there way back when…four years ago. Anywho-that race looks awesome! I’m glad you did decently though and I’m actually trying to get into weights more too. Box jumps help fast twitch muscles? I didn’t know that and I need to work on those as well.

    Good luck this weekend Chuck! I’ll be thinking of ya. 🙂

  2. Congrats on your finish! It might not have been as high as you wanted, but it sounds like one tough race. And that Rockit Burger? Totally want one. Like right now!

    Good luck in Las Vegas–I know some people out there cheering on friends & loved ones. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

  3. Heya dude glad to see your races are still going well, that urbanathalon looks hella fun. I’ve always been a fan of climbing man made structures ;). Also was that burger really kobe beef? I’d check that cos if it cost anything less than $20 I’d check their sources. That stuff is seriously expensive and incidentally doesn’t actually come from Kobe (just very close).

    Aww dude how could you bail on the crusts they’re the best bit and the make your hair cool which as we all know adds serious man points :P.

    Just a word of warning about box jumps, do not do them every day. There is no real benefit. Gaining fast twitch fibres (something that is seriously difficult) involves not only muscle but neuronal development. If you engage in plyometrics everyday you can fry not only your muscles and joints but also some of the signalling pathways. You’ve really got to ease into them or you can land in trouble. Best to leave it to your off season when you are running less distance as otherwise you’ll just be wasting energy.

    Anyway keep strong bro, it sounds like you’ve had a hell of a year. Also I’m mega jealous at all the travelling you’ve got in, Chicago looks amazing.

  4. i love that city, but you are so right, its easy to walk all day and forget you have to race. haha. Congrats, you did freakin awesome. Don’t be so hard on yourself, this was a fun race, right?!

  5. I have missed reading about your re-caps!! I did a Mud Run the weekend before NYC Mara, and I definitely agree with you on the upper body strength…aren’t we supposed to be swimmers?! lets work on this!!! xoxo!

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