Running Naked: Race of weekend #2

“Low Battery”

What?  I rip off my yellow swim cap and fumble with my GPS watch again: “Low Battery”

After the quarter mile run on rocks and mud following the 1500m swim, I wasn’t really thinking about anything except “sock, shoes, watch helmet, socks, shoes, watch helmet.”  Somehow, my Garmin was telling me the battery was low.  Whatever, I thought, it’ll last.  It didn’t.  It died after about 26 seconds.

This meant I was biking blind and would be running naked.  Sundays race was an olympic triathlon meaning it was exactly double of the sprint I raced on Saturday.  The benefit thus, was that I knew the course- it was 2 laps of the swim, 2 laps of the bike, and 2 laps of the run.

The conditions were nearly exactly the same as well, only a little cooler but more humid.  Once again I nearly didn’t get there in time, but I was at the beach ready when the horn sounded.

The swim went as my swims go- not awful but sooo much room for improvement.  No problems during this, only that I felt  little bit hungry during it.  I tried to find some toes to draft on, but it was hard being a 2 lap course.

Coming out of the water

After I exited the water, my first transition was smooth enough and I was off on the bike but without any kind of data such as time or speed.  I also got a flat with about a quarter mile left on the bike during Saturdays race, so I was hoping everything was going to hold up alright there.

This was one of the first times I’d ever raced without knowing my speed or distance and it made the race interesting.  Pretty much I had one plan: smash the whole time because every time I thought I might be slowing down, I would tell myself that I needed to speed up.  I again average about 22 mph and literally just rode double my Saturday split.

Heading out on the bike

1 hour later...

The run was the same, except I was faster!  I fixed my shoes the previous night and was able to save some time in Transition 2.  I knew from the bike that there were a lot of people I needed to catch on the run so that is what I sent out to do- but running naked with no sense of time or pace.  I guess this wasn’t a bad thing because I finished with a pace of 6:17 min/mile which I am very pleased with.

Finish strong

My mom still refuses to buy any pictures because she wants to smile as I cross a finish line… sorry mom, never going to happen.

My overall time was 2:10:42, which was better than double Saturdays race which I did in 1:07:24.

First place in my age group!

This was good enough to earn me 18th overall and 1st in my age group!  One of my goals beginning this year was to win a race… but I want it to be a bigger race!  Maybe next weekend at the Olympic I am doing

I owe a ton of my ability to race hard on Sunday to my recover on Saturday.  I did a good cool down and stretched pretty soon after the race.  I also had some good food and then just didn’t really do anything the rest of the day.  In the evening I went on a very short bike ride to loosen my legs a little and make sure the flat was fixed and then flopped in the pool.

I also wore these all day:

Zensah recovery tights

These are the brand new Zensah compression recovery tights.  I already use Zensah compression socks, but these are a whole different level.  They fit really snugly and are gradiated where your muscles need it most to increase the blood circulation in that area so you can recover faster and be ready to race again the next day.

When I got back Sunday afternoon, I took a nap and then did another 5 mile run.  My goal was just to add some volume and while it felt fine then, Monday I was pretty pooped.  I think I would have been better if I had eaten better after the second race AND after the second run.  I didn’t bring enough HoneyMilk with me- I only brought 2 on the trip: 1 as part of my pre-race breakfast each day.  Lesson learned.

Well thanks for reading guys- coming up later this week I have a bunch of recipes to share, not to mention the first Feerless Food recipe video!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

  1. Do you run with a GPS, just a watch, or nothing?
  2. What’s the best swag you’ve ever gotten at a race?

10 thoughts on “Running Naked: Race of weekend #2

  1. You’re such a stud, Chuck!! Way to go! Hope you’ve been recoverying this week!? I use a garmin…it’s a total bummer when you see/hear the low battery notice. Oh, I think I see a smile in one of those photos : ). Happy Friday!

    Katie : )

  2. Booo for your GPS being broken. That is not okay. Awesome work doubling your miles and maintaining the same speed-seriously. So you are racing another Olympic distance this weekend and the open water swim?

    You did absolutely fantastic last weekend and I think it is only a matter of time before you win a race or two or five. 🙂

  3. Nice results again, congrats!

    I ride/race with a Garmin 500, but I’ve found (as you did) that if I turn it off, I sometimes end up going a bit faster – the anxiety about pacing “am I going hard enough?” seems to make you push your limits.

  4. awesome result Chuck!! Way to kill it :]

    And those recovery tights are cool! I want to get some, but i am a bit skeptic. Do you think they really make a big difference? I think if I have to work after a ride it would be especially beneficial

    Hope this weekend is amazing for you!


  5. Woohoo!! Congrats on a 2st place AG win! That’s so awesome! Sometimes i like running without my Garmin, so I don’t get too wrapped up in time. Seems like it worked pretty well for you! I can’t believe you added another 5 miles on…you’re crazy:)

  6. Wow – nice job!! I usually just wear a regular watch when running – unless I’m racing or doing a tempo run, in which case I’ll bring a garmin. This morning my ipod ran out of juice with 1 mile left in my run and I think I yelled “AAHHHH!” out loud. I’ve been meaning to try compression socks/shorts. Best swag ever? Hmm.. I’m always psyched when a race T is dri-fit rather than heavy cotton.
    Glad I found your blog!

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