Touch and Go

I’ve officially been in Florida for over a full week now!  The longest I’ve been in one place for the past month.  That being said, I am flying to Nashville tomorrow for work for a few days and come back on Saturday. Anyone live in Nashville and want to meet up Friday night?  Or can recommend any fun things to do?  I’ve been having some fun here in Tampa too this first week and hopefully this weekend will be checking out a place called “Boing”—a huge warehouse filled with trampolines!

I’m also finally getting a race schedule put together: it’s looking like-

  • July 10th: Moss Park Triathlon Festival—Olympic (might do the Sprint on Saturday too?)
  • July 23rd: Siesta Key Beach triathlon—Olympic
  • August 21st: Fall Triathlon Festival—Olympic
  • September 11th: The Nations Tri (in DC)—Olympic
  • September 18th: Mango Olympic Triathlon (MAYBE)
  • September 25th: Ironman 70.3 Augusta
  • October 1st: Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon
  • October 9th: South Carolina Half Rev—Half Ironman (Probably)
  • October 15th: Men’s Health Urbanthlon Chicago
  • November 5th: ITU Long Course Worlds (Las Vegas)
  • Anyone up for a December marathon?  Somewhere warm!

Wow, that list is a lot longer than I thought!  Granted these are all tentative, especially back to back ones.  But I needed to get them all written down.

Training has been in spurts… it kind of goes like: 2 days of epic workouts followed by painful day of training as the previous 2 catch up with me ha.  This will get better once I can finally get settled any find people to ride and train with.  I did put in 40+ miles running this past week as well as some specific bike workouts and a little bit of swimming.  I’ve been hitting the pool in my apartment building (which is maybe like 23 meters?) for quick, short hard swims before work.  My office also has a “gym” so I’ve gotten in a few lifting sessions at lunch.

Oh!  And guess what—I actually ran IN THE MORNING one day last week and will have to do it again before my flight tomorrow morning.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about nutrition lately and a lot of research.  The “speech” function of my Mac is amazing and allows me to get through a lot more information since it reads it to me (#awesome) (yes, I just used a Twitter hashtag).  I’ve been researching the paleo diet a lot lately, and while I don’t think I will do it, I’ve been finding incredible information of the importance of eating fats—real fats like grass-fed red meat, egg yolks, butter, full fat dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt), and healthy oils such as olive oil and coconut oil.

This being said, I don’t know that a “diet” is the answer, but rather a cleaner way of living is the best option.  I don’t want to limit myself to giving up entirely certain foods—I’ve been there and don’t want to start rekindling any of my eating disorder behaviors; I still deal with enough of those as it is and it makes life hard enough.

If there are any nutrition topics you want to know more about or would like to see me write some post about, let me know and I will!   Send me any questions as well… and just leave a comment and let me know you’re here!

Katelyn Tweeted an article the other day about schools banning flavored milk in schools.  I have mixed opinions on this.  On one hand, yes its good, decrease the added sugars and unnecessary calories these kids are consuming.  However, by flavoring milk, nothing is being taken AWAY from the milk—all the vitamins, proteins, and minerals are all still there.  But by taking away the milk, won’t kids just be more likely to bring in soda or Gatorade and just find replacements for the milk?  Why not stop serving corn dogs and French fries first before taking away the milk?

What are your thoughts?

And finally, for some fun, here are just a bunch of random pictures from the past couple weeks!

Another attempt at overnight oats

Sign in the stairwell at my office.. really? Like I didn't know there were 9 floors that came before the 10th?

My new parking spot. Worst. Spot. Ever.

Delicious coconut vanilla oatmeal bar

Avocado yogurt cream sauce... sooo good!

Chocolate banana Coffee Honeymilk overnight oats!

Mmmm eggs with mushrooms, onions, and plenty of crushed red peppers (like I said, trying to eat more whole eggs)


I had some leftover broccoli and chicken from dinner so I threw it in a bowl and added some eggs and baked it for lunch

The 2 oddest shaped foods I've ever bought... the cashier laughed at me. The little one is a Jimaca? Not good

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you weeks are off to great starts!  This blog is going to get revamped pretty soon so look for some really big changes!

  1. Best thing you ate or thing you did this week?
  2. Thoughts on flavored milk in schools?  And nutrition or triathlon questions you have for me?
  3. Let me know you’re reading!

13 thoughts on “Touch and Go

  1. Hey Chuck glad to see things are still going well or you matey :). That racing schedule looks brutal, you seriously going to do so many back to back races? I counted 6 in a row there :0. Madness.

    Foods looking good though mate and I’m totally with you on the eggs, I think they are making up about 30% of my protein intake these days haha. That left over broccoli bake thing looks awesome actually, any recipes coming up?

    I’m struggling to think of the best thing I’ve eaten this week so can’t have been anything memorable. Best thing I’ve done however was finally get to a frisbee tournament :). It was only a mini one though and it was out in the middle o’ nowhere in the mountains, very countryside (or “mecha inaka” as the locals would say.) Was crazy we had to clear the field of tall grass ourselves before playing. Was sweet though I was probably one of the best players there so the level of competitiveness wasn’t so high. Fun all the same.

    I’m totally with you on the flavoured milk thing. Milks milk, even i you flavour it it is still more beneficial than any juice, plus how many kids enjoy drinking water, really. I think there are far worse things on the menu. At the end of the day if you tell kids not to do something they’ll just do it anyway let them make their own choices and mistakes.

    Right time to go zap things with lasers (I love being able to say that)

    Ki o tsukete,

  2. Come to Los Angeles for December race! ^_^
    Best thing I ate or did…hmm, well on Sunday I rode my bike out everywhere (within a 13 mile radius) and yesterday I ate a Reuben, it was good, loved the sauerkraut 😄
    The flavored milk thing in California has been going on for a while. So the kids only have plain milk I think now. I’m not so sure the milk was that bad, but it waws quite sugary. California’s already ban sodas and even some sports drinks/ punches, etcetera, have water and no “real” junk food, they have baked chips, etcetera. The drink thing happened when I was in 5th grade, the baked chip thing happened when I was in 7th grade, so they’ve slowly been making changes. Next they are throwing out the chicken nuggets corndogs and stuff, but I”m skeptical on that because an example of the food replacing it was some sort of brown rice vegetable sushi roll, eh I’ll give the kids the benefit of the doubt and hope they’ll be open to it.
    oh and that’s either a tiny jicima in that picture or a GIANT butternut squash, lol.

  3. I started using coconut oil for the nutrition benefits, then I stuck with it for the taste. Give coconut butter a shot, it’s made from both the oil and flesh, and it’s great stuff as well. Artisina makes one, and nutiva calls theirs coconut manna.

  4. I was going to say you should do the Nov 20 (that’s close to dec;) Philly Marathon with me…but I guess that doesn’t meet the heat requirement:).

    Uhmmm, do you have recipes for the avocado yogurt and the oatmeal bar??

    Hmm, I don’t know what to think about that milk situation. At first I would have thought it’s a good thing but, you made some REALLY good points. It definitely might encourage them to bring in sodas/gatorade (plus the only thing it’s really adding is sugar, and juice has a lot of sugar in it too, but at least the juice and milk have a lot of other good stuff in it, like you said). And yeah, they definitely need to start with all the fried food and the pizza for breakfast and stuff like that, first!

  5. The milk thing… I definitely think they should start serving healthy food before taking away somewhat healthy milk! All the school cafeteria food i’ve ever experienced has next to NO nutritional value. Fried, processed, sugared, etc. I think the chocolate milk isn’t nearly as bad as all of the food.

  6. I can finally comment as I’m in front of a computer. I always have too much to say when I read your blogs to comment from my phone bahaha (go figure as I always have too much to say).

    Your schedule looks crazy. Although now that I know those aren’t 140s then it is a little less crazy but not much. I’m sure you will do well in all your races Chuck. Isn’t there some sort of tri in Syracuse? A 70.3. I really feel I read it somewhere-but I’ll get back to you. I know you love Northern NY. 😉

    I think it is a good idea for schools to serve healthier options but I highly doubt it’s the chocolate milk that is doing the hard. I agree with Jamie in that half our food was fried crap which was causing kids to gain the weight. At least with chocolate milk, it wasn’t as bad.

    The best thing I ate this week was an entire 5 million pound spaghetti squash. No really. Although the ice-cream I have had everyday hasn’t been too bad either. Although I don’t post it on my blog regularly, (because I never post lunch really), I have a lot of eggs too. I think real eggs versus egg sub/whites is so much healthier. And yes-I used to be the complete opposite when I was trying to cut calories. I don’t know regular eggs just seem much more tasty to me too. But not as tasty as you salmon with BBQ and I have gone through about 10000 bottles of bbq sauce since I saw you last.

    Oh and you are fabulous. I don’t think I have told you that in a while and I’m super glad I found you blog back in Novemberish. 🙂

  7. Wow! That race sched looks pretty intense! I still need to try overnight oats or regular oats for that matter, it’s been a while! Safe travels…hope you have fun in Nashville!

    Katie : )

  8. you are one busy racing man! good races though. And I have to agree, we like the paleo diet because it all about REAL food. WHOLESOME too! We of course use more carbs than it suggests.

  9. that is one intense race schedule! You are going to KILL it!

    As far as banning the milk in schools… it is not the right decision in my opinion. It is like banning flavored yogurt. Does the added sugar negate all of the goodness of dairy? I don’t think so…

  10. Ohhhh Chuck 🙂 Haha you know how I feel about the chocolate milk thing. Firstly, it is not going to SOLVE the problem, but the main issue is the large amount of sugar (more than some candy bars) which goes straight to fat stores. It is not THE problem, but it is a part of it. As soon as those were taken out, it causes (or makes room for) a domino effect that will change the way school lunches are served and what they are served with. For example, people may begin to think: if something as simple as milk can be so unhealthy with large amounts of sugar, there must be room for improvement elsewhere as well. Parents want the best for our children. Although milk is not going to solve the problem, in my eyes it is a successful small step towards healthier school policy and ultimately, healthier children.

    That aside, you rock. You should come to VA Beach when I’m there this weekend/week 🙂

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