9 Days

9 days and I’m gone from Cincinnati… I really can’t believe, where did the time go?  As you can tell from my lack of blogging, the responsibilities of my job have been piling up big time since even though I’m moving to Tampa, I still have to have everything done here before I leave.

Hot and sunny... love it

Speaking of Tampa, I was there last weekend to meet my new work team and find a place.  Both were successful and the weather was great.  My apartment is right on the edge of downtown and I’ll be able to walk to hockey games like I can here!  Then the football stadium isn’t too far… but the baseball stadium is actually all the way in St. Petersburg.  I actually drove out there to catch a game on Saturday, but they had part of the stadium closed off and the ticket prices were ridiculous… so I split.

Tampa Rays stadium

I got some great workouts while I was there too!  Although, I still really don’t like running outside that much if I haven’t had a good warm up first.  Friday I did a 4-miler outside then about 300m worth of sprints in the mini hotel pool… ah yes, swimming outside!  Then I met my team, toured some apartments, and tried out the AWESOME gym that is on the ground floor of my new apartment building!  It’s got treadmills that I like, but also a ton of functional workout equipment—like a massive stair case in the middle of the gym, a rope to climb, TRX equipment, and an area outside with monkey bars, sledge hammers, and tractor tires!  This gym won’t let me have average workouts so I’m definitely going to be stepping my game up!

Hell yeah that's me as Captain Planet... I'm actually making this picture part of a presentation to the executives of my company... cuz I'm a baller like that

This past week I finally got a good training week and got 40+ miles of running.  Unfortunately, since I was determined to get that 40, it meant 23 miles over the weekend.

  • Saturday was a 10 mile run, 30 minutes elliptical, 1:20 on the bike trainer, then a 2-mile transition run which felt awesome!
  • Sunday was tough thanks to Saturday, but I got an 11 mile run, 60 minute spin class, quick 550m swim and core work

Then, after some recovery elliptical and biking, guess who worked this morning before work?  Me!  I had a great lift and followed it up with 1100m swim; the pool was in long course format today too so that was cool.  After work, I went back for more cardio and did a 40 minute ride, 20 minutes of elliptical and a 3.3 mile run.  I was pretty tired from the lack of sleep the night before, plus the first workout of the day and my legs just weren’t feeling so hot.  Still store from the weekend lol.

I was needing some motivation after a tough 2 days last week so… I went ahead and signed up for a half ironman near Tampa for my first weekend living there!  Haha.  It will be on June 12th so I need all my training to be seriously on point these next few weeks.

Now in other news, thanks to Tropical Traditions for sending me some of the coconut cream concentrate to try!

Coconut cream concentrate

This stuff is awesome- its got a great coconut flavor, but is thicker, like an ice cream topping.  Here are 2 recipes I made with it:

Peanut butter crispy chicken with coconut finish:

  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  • 1-2 tablespoons of milk
  • 1 egg white
  • Panko bread crumbs
  • Coconut cream to taste

Using Trader Joes crunchy Peanut butter

Mix the peanut butter and milk until they are smooth.  Then add in the egg white and whisk thoroughly in the bowl.  Add in you chicken breast (I let mine soak overnight) and then top with the panko bread crumbs.  Before putting it in the oven, I drizzled some of the coconut cream on it.  Bake at 400* for 22 minutes.  Then drizzle a little more coconut cream on it.



Crispy and peanut butter coconutty!

So now you have some of this leftover peanut butter batter right?  Coat some sweet potatoes with it and bake them as fries!  Best. Sweet potato. Fries. Ever.  I kid you not.  I’ve had these like 4 times now since I invented the recipe.

Batch 1, pre-cooked

And I made them again...

After baking

Go make these. Now.

Another use for the coconut cream was doing sweet potato fries with it instead of the coconut oil.  This made for fries that weren’t quite as crispy, but amazingly flavor.  I highly recommend!

Makes a really nice crust. Crazy healthy too

Finally, here are some other fun eats I’ve cooked up lately, and a couple shots of the club level at the Reds stadium.  My CEO took me to a game last week—the seats we sick! (There I go with the “blogger exclamation points”…)

Club level at Great American Ball Park

The scene

A chicken breast smothered with mushrooms and onions and more of the coconut cream sweet potato fries

"Overnight Oats".... still haven't quite nailed this one yet...

I think this was greek yogurt mixed with protein powder...

I’ve been thinking lately about going paleo.  Now, can I give up granola… unlikely.  Lol.  But I see some of the merits in the lifestyle.  What I don’t know is if giving up certain food types would really be a good idea for me with my eating disorder past, but it would help me overcome my fear of fats… (Which are GOOD for you!)  I’ve been talking to another young triathlete lately (Armi) and he has given a lot of nutritional and motivational input.  This kid is probably the most mature and intelligent 16 year old I’ve ever met.  Check out his blog.  If you have any diet or training questions, please ask either of us!

Be a superhero… my goal for the week.

  1. Who is your superhero/your inspiration?
  2. Have you ever tried a new way of eating that seriously impacted your life and how did it make you feel?
Thank yall!

14 thoughts on “9 Days

  1. Haha, I love the Captain Planet picture 🙂 So cute!

    I have felt a thousand times better since becoming a vegetarian. I’ve flipflopped between vegetarianism and veganism, but I feel my best when I don’t eat any meat. I’ve read about the Paleo diet- I don’t think I could give up granola either!

  2. I’ll third the giving up granola there is just no way. Also dude where do you get your energy from haha. I’ve had like 3 straight days of meetings at work and I’m just knackered, the thought of walking would be pushing it for me right now. You amaze me, but in a good way.

    I’m totally with you on the notion of food type restriction. Been there, done that, delivered the postcards. I really don’t think there s one WAY of eating other than being omnivorous. Eating right and unprocessed sure I agree with that but thats as far as my limits extend. I must admit I love the japanese approach of eat anything, I mean anything. I tried out shark fin the other day, ‘oishii’, also grilled, I kid you not, chicken cartilage. yup the stuff that holds bones together, it has a nice crunch.

    Anyway I think following someone else’s diet plan directly is foolish, bodies are too variable. Better to focus on whats right, right now, and maybe adapt and incorporate.

    In saying that about 6 months ago I was diagnosed as having a dairy and crustacean intolerance and since giving them up I’ve not only managed to maintain a decent weight but I have sooo much more energy so there is something in that.

    ps: for overnight oats try just mixing them with maybe a small tub (bout 150g) of greek yoghurt, give it a good mix and leave that overnight in the fridge. Should be quite dense the next day, add a bit of milk a banana and pb to it et voila, consume and enjoy.

  3. YAY 9 days! Have you started packing yet?

    That picture is adorable, you’ll have to show us how you out into your presentation.

    I have only heard great things from the Paleo diet. In fact, we learned a lot about it in nutrition class last semester. I can’t wait to read more if you end up going for it. I have always been rather curious of it but I know there are a few foods that I would have a hard time giving up.

  4. Wow, 9 days!!! Sounds like you’ve been super busy! I can’t believe in all your business you signed up for a HALF IRON MAN, wow! You’re awesome!!

    That coconut cream concentrate sounds great, and so does your chicken recipe. Sweet potato fries are my favorite! You have to try them with this seasoning here (http://untilyoutri.com/favorite-recipes/baked-sweet-potato-fries/). It sounds simple and not that exciting, but it’s SOOOO good!!

    Good luck with your training and your HIM!!

  5. Congrats on finding an apartment! Such an exciting move, sounds like a great location.

    I’m not a huge fan of paleo, just because i don’t agree with cutting out pieces of a diet (unless it’s vegan/veg). Carbs have their place, just as much as protein and fats. The parts of the Paleo diet that seem spot-on are the emphases on eating whole foods–something that is necessary for any diet. Seems like you’re on a good track food-wise, but maybe the challenge of variation might be good.

    Rock on with the training–can’t imagine getting 40 miles of running in. Rock on!

  6. I give you the award for the cutest child!! I wish I’d seen captain planet, but it doesn’t matter- you rock the costume! Is that 5:15 in the morning and 91°?? Gosh, if so, that’s quite hot!! I just made butternut squash fries too!! They’re just so good and I’ve been eating them right from the container dipped in nut butter. Yum!!
    You just have so much energy Chuck, I don’t know how you do it. It just goes to show you how much eating well can do though. I wish I had enough courage to just do it so I could run more than I do now. I admire you for all that you do. I don’t know anything about the paleo diet but as always, I encourage you to check and recheck your motives.
    As for the overnight oats, I still haven’t tried them…..I’ve gotta get on that I suppose. But I second Marcus in that I think they work quite well with yogurt.
    I made the change to add fish to my diet and it is amazing!! I still don’t feel right about eating meat, but fish seems okay to me somehow and it is so good for you.

  7. Hey Chuck!

    Thanks for the shout-out man, pretty flattering:)

    I would just like to point out something about paleo to the readers:
    It’s not about macronutrient breakdown, its about quality. Its NOT a low carb diet by any means.

    You also don’t necessarily have to eliminate all dairy. Goat dairy is fine, but it’s the pasteurization that causes most problems.

    Grains are actually okay, but you have to prepare them correctly. I personally don’t see the point since I don’t like the taste and can get plenty of carbs from other sources, but if you must eat them then I would check out the Weston A. Price foundations guidelines for preparation- Good stuff.

    Glad you all are talking about this stuff and honestly its all about what works for you. If you like vegan/vegetarian then that’s awesome too:D Happiness is the goal, not sticking to one diet, job or whatever.

    Take care Chuck!


  8. I went VEGAN. Which was a great way for me to try “clean eating”, but after doing that for a year I have clearly started eating fish again. Which is also a huge step for me to eat some of my other fear foods such as chips if I’m at a party, using soda as mixers even if I don’t like drinking diet soda…etc. I am so glad you are loving tampa!!! You are a crazy man for doing all of that running in the florida heat…I would probably still do it actually hahaha letsbehonest.

  9. Just catching up on all of your posts man! Looks like you have been living it up before you head down south! Your gym sounds like one of my dreams… I am freaking jealous! And I was obsessed with Captain Planet when I was younger… I kind of still am. Haha. I wish it was still on, I would make time to watch it. Yeah, I am cool like that. Hope your move goes smoothly. Take it easy!

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