The Athletes Plate

Hey guys!  If you get a chance, go check my friend Jason’s blog at Cook Train Eat Race where I have designed a menu this week edition of the Athlete’s plate–a weekly post that Jason does highlighting healthy recipes and meal plans for athletes.  This week, he graciously asked me to design the menu and your guys should head over and check it out, as well as his blog!  The menu I created is actually entirely vegetarian as well…  I am FAR from vegetarian, but as Jason is, I thought I would respect him and make a versatile menu that can be adjusted as the chef would like!

Let me know you if you have any questions!

Maple Cheddar stuffed Butternut Squash


8 thoughts on “The Athletes Plate

  1. Oh, this looks good! I just read your previous post….TAMPA!!! Awesome, so exciting! Pretty jeal of your warm, beachy year round weather coming up! Have a great weekend buddy!

    Katie 🙂

  2. CHUCKSTER I just caught up with all of your posts and I can’t believe you are moving to Florida!!! You are going to love it SO so much, and get really tan. I lived in Jacksonville when I was a baby, but I don’t remember it (go figure) so take tons of pictures of Tampa of the sunshine and we can all pretend we are in the sun too:) Also I read in your last post about how you have some things you have to do in an exact order and I always thought I was crazy…I definitely do the “eating in a certain order” thing, and I always chop my vegetables starting with the same veggies and ending with the same one. I guess it kind of keeps us all sane so we go a bit on autopilot? Have a great Friday, Chuck!

  3. These recipes look so great!

    Just getting caught up on your previous posts, and let me say, you are an AMAZING INSPIRATION 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!


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