I can be bad all by myself

Another weekend another race!

Lexington Half Marathon--Me in the black gear

This Saturday I was in Lexington (well Mount Sterling), Kentucky for the Lexington Half Marathon.  Unlike, Tuesday and Wednesday of the previous week, which were about 70 glorious degrees, Saturday was colder than the week before when I ran the Cincinnati Half Marathon… isn’t it almost April?!


When the race started it was 36 degrees and clear skies making it feel even colder.  There were only about 150 people racing the half marathon, and probably equally as many doing a 5k which started after us.  We all lined up on a spray paint line based on our expected finishing time.  I checked out the competition and could tell there were only a couple other people that would provide me a challenge.  We took off and 1 older guy snuck out ahead along with some kid, putting me in 3rd off the gun.  From the looks of things, I thought I may actually be able to win this thing!

As we hit the first hill, my pace slowed and a guy behind me caught up to me.  From then on out he and I ran together and were able to talk a little bit, but being that we were both pushing hard, it wasn’t too much of a “conversation”.  A few miles later we passed the older the guy and the kid, putting us in first and second.  This course was a mess of hills though, and they are not my strong spot!  It was a straight out and back and as we hit the turnaround, the guy I was running with began to move ahead.

Going out was an overall decreasing in elevation, meaning going back would have more up hills…. And the wind was brutal!  All this said though, as I hit mile 10, I was on a new PR pace.  Then the last 2 miles of hills hit.  They were awful!  I literally spent these last 2 miles running up hill which killed my PR hopes.  But as I can into the final stretch, no one was near me and I sprinted across the finish line with a time of about 1:27:30.  Second Place overall and first in age group!  But damnit, I could have won!!  Congratulations to the winner though—he crushed his PR by like 7 minutes, so I had to give him props.

Age group win! So close to an overall win!

After the race I headed back to the hotel where I had my bike waiting for me!  Since I can’t ride outside, I’ve been trying to brick my long workouts together on the weekend, so I hopped on for 2 solid hours of work.  I thought I was going to set the chair behind the trainer on fire, but it didn’t happen, thank God.

Rides like a dream... even on a trainer

After this, I grabbed more food and started my drive to Shelbyville, Kentucky for a sprint triathlon on Sunday.  When I got to the hotel, I spent some time doing contrast heating by jumping in the hot tub and then into the pool back and forth… this actually worked I think!  I wasn’t that sore on Sunday morning!

I wasn’t sore but the weather was.  It basically snowed all night and when I got to the race course there was still snow on the ground.  I looked at the thermometer in my car… 28 degrees.  F. That.  I was already feeling kind of sick from Saturday’s race in the cold and was like, “I’m going home and back to bed where it’s warm”.  So I did just that.

Snow? Really? No thanks.

However, I still did the “triathlon” later that day on my own.  I can be bad all by myself baby!  I did it the exact way it would have been in the morning, I just added some distance.  After a warm up on the elliptical for 15 minutes, I did an awesome spin class bricked with a 3.5 mile run.  Then I hit the pool for swim longer than the swim portion.  I felt really good about this swim time too.

I’m still nervous for Wildflower in exactly 1 month.  Swimming is ok- better than last year, running seems on point, but I haven’t done any of the crucial long bikes with epic runs like I was doing last year.  Oh well, whatever right?  I have plenty more races this year.

I’m also trying to get all my sponsors coordinated again for this year.  So far, I’ve hooked up with HoneyMilk and GU and it looks like I’ll be working with Zensah again this year who make great compression apparel.  I’m working with my main sponsor, Starlight Bikes, in Roanoke, Virginia, to put together a tri kit for this season with all my sponsors on it!  I want it to be black with white and neon green (so it will match my race shoes- vicious right?)  If any one else is reading this and is interesting in discussing a sponsorship, just shoot me an e-mail at chuckfeerick@gmail.com

So as I mentioned, I tried a new recipe a few nights ago- Egg filled tomato shells!  I began by halving a couple large tomatoes and cracking an egg into them, topping with some cheese, and baking them in the oven till the egg was set.

Organic eggs, mexican cheese blend, and hollowed out tomatoes

Baked with the egg inside and topped with cheese... served with sweeeeeet potato fries

They came out pretty well, but as always when trying a recipe for the first time, you learn some lessons.  The problem was the tomato “shells” were pretty soft when tying to cut into them.  Next time, I think the crucial factor will be to pre-bake the tomatoes for a few minutes before cracking in the egg, so that the shells can dry out a bit…which will enhance the tomato flavor as well.

As for the rest of the week since Sunday, I had a couple easier days Monday and Tuesday with some elliptical work with a great lifting session Monday and then a solid ride on the trainer on Tuesday.  Today I was exhausted again though… so after a quick power nap after work I got just what I needed- a crucial 9 mile tempo run with elliptical interviews in between! Talk about being drenched!  Here’s how I did it:

  • 35 minute run–5.3 miles
    • 20 minutes hard elliptical
  • 15 minute run–2.25 miles
    • 10 minutes elliptical
  • 10 minute run–1.5 miles
    • 10 minutes elliptical

Finish it off with some great pushup and work and I came how and made one of the best dinners I’ve ever made!  But you’ll have to wait till next post for that… Let’s just say it involved these:

Homemade Whole Wheat Biscuits!

Tomorrow is opening day for the Reds and Cincinnati is straight balling out about it!  There is a massive parade that I think literally goes in front of my house which should be really cool to watch.  Plus, tons of restaurants and bars are having specials and events.  I’m working from home tomorrow, so I’m hoping to be able to check a lot of it out.  I’m going to the Opening Night game this Saturday.  I can’t wait, as long as it warms up a bit. Bummer though that I have to miss the VCU basketball game.

My buddy Thadd also got us some free tickets to the hockey game Friday night. He is who I am going to the baseball game with Saturday night as well.  We are going to grab some food before the game as well so we can watch the VCU game, but I’m not sure where we’ll go.  Which bring up the point I’m struggling with right now.  I want to go somewhere fun- somewhere unique to Cincinnati that I won’t be able to have again once I leave.  But I’m stressing over the fact that it might not meet “Chuck Feerick health standards” and that we’ll just go somewhere safe.

So here’s my questions for you this week:

  1. Do you ever go out to eat and just order what you want because it’s only ONE meal and you don’t know when you’ll have a chance to eat something like that again?
  2. What are you most excited about for spring?  Any specific events/races or certain types of food?

Thanks reading all this- I know its long.  Have an awesome rest of the week!


8 thoughts on “I can be bad all by myself

  1. 1.) Yes. It’s important to be flexible, enjoy life & nourishment, and to not be rigid. Rigidity is a waste of time and it’s freeing to just go with the flow.

    2.) Spring = NO SNOW!!! haha 😉 And all my vacations coming up with Suave Slav.

  2. Um you rock/ Enough said 1:27 in your half is fabulous. Awesome job Chuck! Oh and the Wildflower in CA will be so warm so you have that to look forward too. Don’t worry-it’s back to being crappy weather in Potsdam so I hope it’s nice in OH and you can rub it in my face. 🙂

    Your dinner makes me seriously miss ketchup bahaha. Does that make me strange?

    I have gone out and ordered just what I wanted in certain restaurants but I really feel it only happens in vacations if that makes sense. If I go out to eat around town or around back home-I normally stick to something much healthier.

    I’m excited to just get back into running. Since the half marathons I signed up for before my injury are coming up-I’m still going to run them but it will be more of a jog then anything else.

  3. hey sweet one. can i encourage you? health does not mean perfection. health embraces LIFE, which includes all aspects of yourself – mental, physical, and emotional. your body is only the physical, where as going out to eat with friends embodies all three. there is nothing that you will put in your body that night, or ANY day, that will be more detrimental that passing up time with friends. what is your life about – being consumed with preserving your body, just to die 80 years later and rot, or really impacting the lives other others, that extends far beyond your short years on earth?

    sending huge hugs, and so proud of you for challenging yourself. you are a warrior.

  4. Heya Chuck,

    Absolutely awesome work on the half marathon, thats an incredible time considering all the hills and what not absolutely amazing dude. Your workouts still make my mind boggle though man. How soon till you taper? I’m sure you’ll rock your Tr’s this season.

    1.Yes definately. I live alot more impulsively than I used to, I try to listen to my first instincts whenever possible, plus I’ve just arrived in japan I really have no choice haha since I don’t know what everything is. Definitely just try and think about the awesome time you’ll be having with your friends rather than what you are eating 🙂 Rebekah has deffo left you with some sage advice there.

    2. Most excited about? Everything at the moment, new country new people new opportunties :). Mostly the cherry blossom season (Hanami) the buds hven’t opened yet so I haven’t missed it :).

    Take care Buddy


  5. That is such a tiny race!! 150 people!? how nice it must have been to not have to dodge or trip at the start!

    Way to go on the 1st/2nd place, nice plaque!

    As you probably already know, I’m very excited about Eugene Marathon in may. I’m also thinking about doing a half in 2 weeks, so I’m excited about that too.

    as for ordering out…I have to say I never go balls out and order the pasta and dessert. I’m usually somewhat careful, but in all honesty when I go out, everything on the menu looks like a winner so I don’t feel like I’m getting jipped by ordering salad and fish.

  6. I love love love those egg filled tomatoes! What a fantastic idea! And super congrats on finishing 2nd place in the 1/2. It might not be 1st but 2nd ain’t too shabby!

    I’m looking forward to finishing my masters degree this spring & then taking more time to enjoy life!

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