Oh, It’s on!

Winning pose

 This past week has been full of successes, trials, and adventures! I want to start at the end, and also
thank everyone who left me support and well wishes for my race on Sunday! At the crack of dawn
Sunday morning, my alarm went off and I hopped out of bed into the still dark room as the sun was
not even up yet. The race was the Cincinnati Heart Half Marathon (and other races) that began at 8,
literally 2 blocks down from my house. I ate my usual prerace meal of Coffee flavored HoneyMilk
and a cinnamon raisin bagel. When I looked outside, it was cold, dark, and beginning to rain and
I almost hoped the race would be cancelled. But, it wasn’t, so I threw on some gloves and hat and
jogged over the starting line.

Is this a sick number or what?? 11 is my favorite number

The cannon sounded and I and 1600 of my dear friends took off. The course itself was pretty much
entirely rolling with some flat spots. No major hills, but enough to make your legs burn. It was
almost a straight out and back except at the end when it weaved across the Kentucky River into
Covington for a couple miles then came back across on another bridge.



The race felt tough- but at about mile 6 I began to get into my zone and was able to lock it down. I finished the race in 1:26:29 (13.17 miles) setting a stand-alone half marathon PR for me! (I ran one faster in a Half Ironman last
year by 25 seconds). That gave me a pace of 6:34 per mile which I was very pleased with. I actually
clocked mile 10 at 6:14 so I was stoked with that.

Always go hard

Overall I finished 28th of 1,600+ and 2nd place in my age group! Unfortunately, my time print out
wasn’t showing my place so I couldn’t get my award, but I’ve been told I can get it later. I didn’t
wait around because I ran home, snagged a recovery HoneyMilk, and shot out the door to meet
some guys for ride.

Finishers medal and refueling

However, as I got to the shop it started pouring and we had to cancel. But
instead of calling it a loss, I headed home and rode the trainer for 2 hours- the longest I’ve ever
spent on it! But I had to get that base time in preparation for Wildflower at the end April! After
some more food, I headed over to the pool and finished the day with a 1650m swim—the plan was
3,000m but the pool closed at 3:30 so I had to just swim as fast as I could.

Overall, I was really really happy with the day! For me, it showed a lot of mental fortitude and I also
did everything I said I would, as well as getting me ready for my race!

Check out the new kicks for the season... I gotta break them in though... I hate the first runs in new shoes

Back to the rest of the week. I ran 41.5 miles this week which is a good place for me in training. I
also got to go on my first outdoor ride of the year last Thursday! It was great—except I was having
trouble getting into the big gear. I rode with the fast group, but got dropped on a fast flat near the
end because I couldn’t shift (it’s fixed now). After the 25 mile ride, I finished with a 3.5 mile run.  This felt horrible at the start, but some how my pace picked up and I finished the run at a solid pace.

On Saturday I went to a local bike shop and got a Retul fit for both of my new bikes

Retul set up for the Felt B12

Felt like I was making a video game! Le Tour de Chuck

My data- measures me till we got my angles perfect

This is the gold standard of bike fitting and I felt like I was making a cycling video game! But if you
have the resources to get this done, I absolutely recommend it! Last night I did my first group ride
on the Felt B12 and literally, it felt like a dream to ride. No lie. It was also like 70 degrees which
was amazing! We rode 27.5 miles with some good hills and speed work, but overall the pace was
slow because it took so long to get away from traffic lights (and trains lol). I finished this with a 5-
mile tempo run and it felt great! I am totally ready to ramp up my training these next few weeks and
get in the bike mileage I need. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to be freezing here again this weekend.
This workout had me feeling like I can be ready for Wildflower if I push myself and work hard.

On Saturday I am running the Lexington Half Marathon in Lexington, Kentucky, and driving down
the road a bit to do a sprint triathlon near Louisville. I’m stoked for both! The only consequence is
that I can’t do a long ride, however, it would probably be to cold (for me) anyway haha.

Back to this week, Wednesday my buddy Thadd and I went up to Columbus to watch the First 4 of
the NCAA Tournament! It was sick- we had great seats and got to see UTSA beat Alabama St. and
then watch VCU beat up on USC! Such a difference in the level of play between the 2 schools—
VCU and USC were so much faster and athletic.  Here are just a ton of pictures from the game

Game 2: VCU vs. USC

The tip off!



Cali girls... All I'm gonna say...

Finally, on Friday I taught myself to poach eggs! I didn’t have any white vinegar to add to the pot
that would have helped the white congeal, but overall they were delicious. I served them over a little
hash I made with salsa, mushrooms and onions!

Poaching the eggs

Served over a vegetable hash

And here was  a pita pizza I made earlier in the week

Pita Pizza

Thanks for reading!  I’ll post again soon and let you know how this weekend goes, as well as another cool egg recipe I just made!

  1. What’s your favorite way to cook/use eggs?
  2. Any cool plans for this weekend?  Anyone racing soon?
  3. Who do you think will win the Tournament?

12 thoughts on “Oh, It’s on!

  1. Chuck! That photo at the top is classic! LOVE it!

    Wow thats a serious workload – I am always blown away by the volume you can knock out.

    As for the eggs: omelet, tons of veggies, reduced fat cheese. Every. Single. Morning. Can’t get enough eggs! Breakfast is sooooo my favorite meal of the day 🙂

    Congrats on a great race!!


  2. Poached Eggs are my favorite. I’m a little bit lazy though and bought that device at Walmart that you can make them in the microwave with. If they didn’t taste exactly the same-I’m not sure I’d use it so much…but anywho. How about this, this summer you can make the eggs and I’ll make the pancakes and it will be a party.

    I’m not racing for a while sadly. But as my heels get better maybe it will be sooner then later. Your race was awesome though Chuck-congrats and good luck this week. I’m sure you will do fabulously though. 🙂

    That bike fitting looks so cool. Maybe if I get a decent bike-I can get myself more into it….maybe.

    Well anywho-good luck in your races this weekend Chuck. I’m expect full details obviously. 😉

  3. weeeeeee cali girls..”CALIFORNIA girls their undeniable..” hehe!! you know it’s true!
    I am so so so pumped for u to come to Cali and race WILDFLOWER!! you will enjoy it SO MUCH!!! and HELLS yes to a ballin’ best time in your half, that’s a good time that your fitness is high and it should be a confidence booster! 🙂 YAYAYAYA!!!
    I am racing this weekend!! okay i’m texting u now!

  4. Look at you!! Congrats! I know you were nervous, but look at you go!! Proud 🙂
    those shoes are so snazzy, my favorite color too.
    I used to be afraid of eggs and I’m just getting back into them. I really like to use them to BAKE and I also like making omelets out of them to top salad with and salsa. mmmm. workin’ on this.
    this weekend is just full of A Cappella gigs. story of my life 🙂

  5. Wow!!!! Super congrats on the 2nd place age group finish & good luck with the upcoming Kentucky races!!! And congrats on poaching eggs–you’re ahead of me on the one, I’m still a little terrified of the process (though I think you can get this little microwave poacher which would be awesome for the office…). You’ve inspired me for my wee little 6 mile run today. I’m running my half in 6.5 weeks now, not sure how I’ll get it done, but your success and good vibes will inspire me at least!

  6. Awesome job on the race!! Running in the cold can be such a challenge, but it sounds like you overcame it amazingly!

    Raw eggs really really gross me out, so I hardly ever eat them. Ironically though, the way I like them best is soft boiled with toast strip dippers, because that’s how I had them as a kid. Soo basically: raw eggs gross me out, but I prefer runny ones to firm ones? I’m so weird, I know!!

  7. Sugoi,

    That is some ridonculous work mate, I’m sure your gonna smash your races this season with an input like that, where the hell do you get your energy?

    Haha watashi mo daisuki tomago desu. (I love eggs to). I try and get at least one down me a day. I’m torn on my favourite way of using em though tbh, though it’s probably in custard I’m not gonna lie. I also like a nice poached one in a good club sarnie as well yum yum. Oo or also a turkish dish called foules muddamas, you have it for breakfast, fava beans in a tomato and cumin source with feta, chopped tomatos and a boiled egg :).

    No cool plans here apart from packing but I’ve been smashing it in the labs this week. Leae on wednesday I’m pretty excited/scared/about a million other emotions. It’s gonna be epic.

    Love the techno chuck pics that really does look like fun. I’v always been more into mountain biking myself, it seems I’m obsessed with sports that put me in harms way.

    Take care,


  8. aggg, I can’t believe I missed this gem of a post! You got a PR, that’s freakin incredible!! That’s such an amazing time. Proud of ya.

    Your poached eggs look divine…I like eggs almost any way. Hard boiled and soft-boiled are probably my faves. Oh, and over easy. yummmm.

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