Every time I go out on a run in this city, Cincinnati, I found more things that just amaze me and make me like the city even more.  Yesterday evening, I was lucky enough to find myself immersed in the sunshine of a beautiful day with 60 degree temperatures.  I had at first decided that more days like this would come and I would just go to the gym and do my usual brutal indoor workouts.  However, mere feet from the parking garage, I realized, “what are I doing?” turned around, and headed home.  I strapped on my Garmin and headed out the door. 

 It was great- I ran for 9.5 miles and then came home and rode the trainer for another hour to get the brick work in.  The run was fun and it made me appreciate that there is more to running and exercise that burning calories or logging a certain amount of miles.  Now, yesterdays conditions did not make this run easy- vicious winds, hills, and stairs, oh my.  But I saw parts of the city I had never seen and found some new weekend spots!  Plus, I got to run some hill and stair repeats.  Here are some awesome pictures from the run- credit the picture to my good friend Thad here in Cincinnati who takes some amazing pictures which you can check out here:  Note: I DID NOT take picture when I was running.  I can’t carry an iPod, let alone a camera when I run.  Plus, stopping to take a picture?… shoooot , I make  cars stop for me!

Amazing view from the steps of a church at the very top of Mt. Adams overlooking downtown Cincinnati. These steps were brutal!

The view running up those steps

Part of the about 1000ft elevation I climbed from the rive to the highest point in the city

Path running between the middle of the expressway leading me back home

Broomball! On Fountain Square, immediately behind my apartment

The week in total has been comprised of some great workouts in itself.  I’ve kept my goal of activity every day in March.  On Wednesday, I was exhausted and thought I’d just ride the bike a little….instead that turned into the hardest 30 minutes of riding I’ve ever done.  I warmed up with 5 minutes then did 22 minutes straight worth of tabata- 10 second of rest followed by 20 seconds of all out sprinting!  Then Thursday I got back to running with some more mean intervals.  Here is how the week has looked- guess you could call it Cinci-intervals : )

Thursday: 9.5 mile run: 15 minute warm-up, 2×1 mile repeat at 6:15 with 2:20 fast recovery, 2x 4:30 interval, 1:30 fast recovery, 2x 3:00 with 1 minute fast recovery.  I followed this with some elliptical intervals, climbs on the bike, and 1650m.  The swim was like this: Warm up and cool down, Main set: 1x150m, 2x100m, 3x50m X 3 sets.

Friday: Light recovery- fast 3.5 mile run and 20 minute bike.  Thought I might be racing Saturday so this was a taper.  I didn’t end up racing : (

Saturday: 9.5 mile run- outside with tons of hill repeats and stairs.  1 hour trainer ride on bike

Sunday: 5.5 mile run- warm up then 5-6 times 3:00 fast interval, 1 minute fast recovery.  Then 20 elliptical, 20 bike, core and abs, and 30 minute lift.

I also finally made it Whole Foods in time to get some of their grass-fed Ground beef!  They get shipments in on Wednesday so are usually out by the time I get there on Sunday.  But this week I went to Saturday- Hook it up!  I also got some Almond Cheese?  I’ve seen other use it so I thought I’d try it… it’s ok, it’s got nothing on real cheddar! 

Tonight I made burgers and fries:

Beef and cheese


Sloppy half eaten picture...its hard to pause for picture when you've got this to eat

Well nothing truly epic this week to amuse you all with.  Wildflower is 6 weeks away so I’m still preparing for that.  This coming weekend is the Cincinnati half marathon so I’m hoping to do well there!  Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Do you run the same route when you run, or do you mix it up?
  2. What’s your favorite treadmill workout for me to try?

13 thoughts on “Cinci-nntervals

  1. I run the same route at the same time 95% of the time. Actually just typing that out sounds awful and sets me up for one of those murder mystery shows so I think I may switch that up. Anywho-the hardest treadmill workout I ever did was during cross country season so it was focused on training for a 6k it was 200/400/800/1200 (as a ladder build) at a 6:30 pace with 400 jog at an 8:00 pace in between.

    We don’t have a whole foods near me booo. I’m pretty jealous.

    Don’t worry Chuck-I have yet to believe my life is that entertaining to write blogs about and your week far surpasses mine.

    PS: There is a broomball intermural team at my school. I didn’t know it was so widespread.

  2. I’ve always run the same routes for weeks at a time, then switched things up, but new scenery makes the workout so much better, doesn’t it?! I’m so excited for the warmer weather so I can go back to running (shorter distances) outside. I haven’t been running at all lately since I stopped training. Treadmills suck!

  3. Heya dude, epic post as always those hills look as though they rival some of the ones around my way :). Almond cheese, is that like cheese that has almonds in it or cheese made from almonds. I’m looking for a good cheese replacement since I stopped eating dairy, soy cheese sucks.

    1) I guess I run the same routes although I don’t really run cept when I’m playing frisbee but we always train in the same place.

    2)my favourite treadmill workout? it involves a sledgehammer and a window :P. Both me and my knees hate treadmills.

    Cincinnati looks totemo kakko ii (very cool). Those pictures make it look even more gorgeous. It’s nice to read you are settling in well in a pretty new place. I love a good explore around a new area.

  4. I’m stupefied by people who carry stuff with them when they run. Cell phones and cameras…I know it would be safe for me to bring a cell phone, but I just realllly want free hands.

    My running routes are pretty repetitive because I am forced to run in limited areas on Oakland for safety reasons…I probably have about 6 routes?

    Sounds like a week of really quality workouts. nicely done

  5. My favorite treadmill workout is NOT being on the treadmill. Hate those things. 5 minutes in and it feels like 2 hours. lol I do however like doing 10 minutes of HIGH intensity tabata like you did. Or jumping on the rowing machine- now that is a full body workout! Hard too. 😉

    What a beautiful city to run in. And yeah, I can’t run with a camera either… but I’m glad you shared your view! So wonderful. It’s nice having a place to run outside that is fun to look at too… just taking advantage of the scenery makes the workout not seem like a chore… but for us, I’m sure it’s not a chore. 😉 You know what I’m talking about.

    Yum to grass-fed quality meat burger!

  6. broomball? We used to play that in high school gym class!!Wow!
    Those steps look intense. I don’t think I could run those, no wayyyy. But I know you prep well for it, so you can do it : )
    I like to change up my runs, even though I’m just beginning; it’s no fun to do the same thing daily. I like to look at the houses in the neighborhoods as I run too….come to think of it, it is probably a bit creepy…hha
    Does almond cheese melt?

  7. oh my goodness… your city is gorgeous! jealous! and i am happy to see you doing something outside for the enjoyment of it instead of because you “had to.”

    oh and ps – when you come home, will you take me out to get a real burger? it’s been forever, and i am craving one! i figure no better guy to ask 🙂

  8. weeeeee to a blissful run! my favorite way to explore a city is by foot!!
    almond cheese sounds sooo weird! but interesting enough to try! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!

  9. Hey bro! Sweet workout and it will get better. Don’t worry about it and it will all work out:D HIIT training is the way to go and just keep up the great work.

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