March Movement Madness

Realization:  Wildflower Half Ironman is only like 7 weeks away!  Whoa.  Am I ready?  Maybe?  My running has been solid and I have a bunch of half marathons in the next 3 weeks to get ready.  Swimming has been ok…but better than ever,  just not great.  Biking however… I haven’t been able to get out for a long ride at all yet!  This needs to change- as soon as possible.  So, my workouts need to get much more triathlon specific and I need to practice the whole flow.  The 3rd half marathon I have on March 26th is on a Saturday in Lexington, Kentucky.  The following day I’ve found a sprint triathlon nearby so I’m going to stay the night and race both!  It will be my first sprint triathlon in over a year!  I’m also stoked to get a Retul fit on my bikes next week.  That means that I will get a really high-tech bike fitting so I will be able to ride with perfect form.  My sponsor, Starlight Bikes, and I are also working on putting together my tri kit for the season- Black, white, and neon green- how sick will that look?! That way it will match my bike and my race shoes haha.  This coming weekend I’m running a 14-mile trail race so I’m hella stoked for that!

My Felt B12- Black and White baby


Nike Lunaracer 2- The Green Machines... 'bout to go H.A.A.M

This month I’ve decided to challenge myself in a new way.  Last week I talked about the importance of rest and recovery and I believe that without a doubt.  For the month of March, though, I am going to be active for at least 20-30 minutes every day!  This has nothing to do with my eating disorder and feeling a need to exercise every day (although I am fighting that) but simply a challenge to myself and a way to hopefully get me on a better, more prioritized schedule of exercise and life. 

This also doesn’t mean I’ll be “working out” every day- I know our bodies were made to move so this can be lifting, yoga, light spin, anything!  So far I’ve been successful and I plan to do it all month! I think this will also be a good form of recovery. Light 20 minute spins will be key to flush my legs outs after a day of hard workouts!  My other goal this month- go to bed early!!

Expanding on the importance of recovery last week- here are a few tips after taking an off day: 

  1. When you wake up in the morning, get a light, whole body stretch in
  2. If you can, use your foam roller after your stretch
  3. If you plan to work out in the afternoon, take a walk at lunch to get the blood in your legs moving a little
  4. When it comes time to workout, start first with some gradual build volume to wake your body up before moving into the full workout you have planned if you are planning something like intervals or hills
  5. Finally, and most importantly, it starts the day before- make sure to feed your body properly!  Remember, it’s recovery and that means you’ve got to give your body the nutrients it needs to repair it from the how you’ve broken it down!  This is especially hard for me, but lately I’ve been doing much much better : )

So on to some new eats!

Inspired by Matt’s Avocado cream sauce, I decided to create my own avocado sauce.  Lately, avocados have just been kind of blah to me and weren’t really adding much flavor.  Based off Matt’s recipe with some of my own tweaks- this recipe was life changing!  Here’s the recipe:


  • 1/2 avocado
  • 2 tbsp 2% Greek Yogurt
  • 2 tbsp – 1/4 cup hot salsa
  • Garlic and onion powder
  • Cumin
  • Squeeze of lime

Use a fork and mash everything together

I served this over top of some left meatloaf wraps

Meatloaf Wrap with Avocado Cream Sauce

This is so good- tons of flavor, wonderful texture, and PACKED full healthy nutrients and “goodness”.  I purposely didn’t use all of it on the wrap so that I could just eat some with a spoon.

This weekend, while I had some time, I whipped up a batch of my Whole Wheat Pumpkin Banana Protein Oatmeal Bar-things.  You can find the recipe on my Recipes page, but I adjusted it a little bit by adding in some bananas as extra protein.  Great pre-workout or anytime snack!

Workout bars

And for a little bit of fun, Bock Fest was in Cincinnati this weekend celebrating Bock beer with a lot of the local breweries.  Cincinnati has a very strong German Immigrant history, hence the emergence of this type of beer here.  Saturday some friends and I went to the Bock Fest Sausage Queen Finals!  The winning woman (the new Sausage Queen) breathed fire to roast a sausage… it was pretty epic

Trojan... Goat? Of beer?

Cream Puffs that were being sold

Finally, I want to give a special shout out to Liz for the amazing male brownies (they have nuts) that she sent me!  They are delicious, so thanks Liz!

And don’t forget to check out my new post over at the Honey Milk Blog where I wrote about the importance of training your body in multi-planar directions!

Thanks always for all your support and all the awesome comments you all left on my last post!

Questions for you:

  1. Do you have any tasty or different ways to use avocados?
  2. How ready for spring are you??  I can’t wait!

11 thoughts on “March Movement Madness

  1. You will ROCK OUT Ironman!! Stay positive and excited about it 🙂

    Excellent reminders about the importance of recovery.

    Love all the recent eats – and thank you for the shout-out! So glad that you liked the brownies 🙂

    1.) I love eating avocados with roasted sweet potato rounds. Nothing special, haha.

    2.) Bring on spring! Now! Please!

  2. I’m actually not a big avocado fan. It’s not the flavor but more of the texture. ick.

    I like the idea of light exercise to flush out your system. When I was heavy into running, I would take a day where I just walked my dog every week and it really helped me legs recover taking that day off from anything intense.

    Back in VA, it’s like I’m in Spring compared to the snow that NY is getting…ha.

    My brother runs in the lunar races as well. 😉

  3. Thanks for reminding me I should probably return to my half training. I am such a slacker – haven’t ran in almost a week….

    Boch festival looks fun!!!

    Good Luck with Everything!

  4. Sugei Rai getsu wa itsugashi desune? (Next months busy ey). Looks like you have a lot going on my friend. Good luck with all your races I’m sure you’ll smash em. My competetive season is over already 😦 failed to qualify for nats unfortunately ( I kinda expected it we had a lot of new players on the team).

    I’m glad you’ve managed to reconcile with rest days matey they really are crucial specially with that manic schedule. Good luck getting more sleep as well, it’s so important for the mind as well as the body.

    1) My auntie actually made an awesome creamy lemon and dill sauce for some salmon fillets using avacado rather than milk (I’m allergic to dairy) It was delicious.

    2) So ready ahah I’m moving to Japan during cherry blossom season I can’t.

    I loved the post on honey milk :), i totally agree with the 3 dimensional movement it’s so important, and something I like to think yoga really helps with it gets you strong in so many different orientations.

    Great recipes as always and here is something from me. It was pancake day here in britain yesterday (give shrove tuesday a google if you’ve not heard of it). Anyway I whipped up some mango pancakes 🙂 basically like banana pancakes but with mango puree instead. They were incredible I think the mango just fries up something awesome. I also managed to get hold of a sweet potato for my dinner tonight I can’t wait 🙂 not had one in ages think Im gonna do cajun wedges with spicy beans and hummus 🙂

  5. Pretty new bike!! And fun shoes! I need a new pair of shoes… I’m loving my recovery day… A week sounds better right about now though. 😉

    Seriously that avocado cream sauce looks SOOOOOOOOO good. I’d like a wrap right now, pleaseandthankyou.

    I’m going to have to venture to your recipes to find that Pumpkin Banana Protein Oatmeal Bar-thing. 😉 It sounds really good!

  6. I love your post-rest-day tips. I definitely suffer from post-rest-day funk! I feel strange, stiff, heavier. I will absolutely keep your tips in mind, especially the first two since I usually try to exercise in the morning.

    I’m kind of indifferent about Spring. Being a spoiled Californian, the season changes don’t mean a ton….we’ve had some days in the 60s to 80s throughout winter! I AM excited for the later sunlight hours though. Always enjoy that.

  7. The half-ironman is all YOU buddy!! The white, black and neon green…love it!! Spring cannot get here soon enough!! Talk soon!

    Katie : )

  8. My favorite way to use avocadoes is definitely mashed up atop a salad. It’s been way too long since I had thatm actually!!

    Good luck with the last few weeks of training!! You’re going to nail this. You’ve been preparing so well!

  9. Dude!

    i’m thinking about trying to get the same bike and love the shoes! i have a pair of nike racing flats that are all orange:P you totally rock man and good luck with the upcoming races!

  10. I totally get the need to exercise daily vs the NEED to exercise daily (if I’m making sense…) I’m also fighting the Eating Disorder in my need to do something daily, but I also just need to to maintain sanity. Those banana bar things look tasty! I love making bar-thingys 🙂
    Good luck on your training though, you look like you’re all set with those awesome shoes. Seriously, I need a new pair of running shoes. Target just isn’t cutting it anymore. So ready for spring though. Running outside! and I’m ready for the smell too and the lift in my mood 🙂
    Avocados? meh, I can’t get into them much. I don’t know why.

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