If you can’t take the heat…

…You could move to Cincinnati because it’s freezing here!

Looking out my window...

From my car Saturday morning… 5 degrees!

But I’m not complaining… I have just been done with winter since Christmas and really wish it would warm up so I could ride my new bikes outside!  I’m sick of just riding my trainer.  Right now, I’m in an airport in Charlotte, waiting to board my connecting flight back to Virginia Beach for a Leadership Conference for work for the week, so I hope it will be a little warmer while I’m there.

I’ve been trying to stay warm other ways though–last weekend I made a big batch of my famous meatloaves!  I made like 6 mini-loaves so I have a bunch to stick in the freezer to heat up quickly for dinners.  This helps, as training has been getting better as well.  I took more days off then I would have like, but the week in sum has gone well and I’ve managed to log 34.5 miles in 5 runs.  Friday, I had one of the most epic workouts I’ve had in a while it started in the morning with:
  • 1-hour ride on the trainer

Then I worked in from home from the day but in the afternoon did:

  • 9-mile run
  • 10 minutes elliptical
  • 2,600m swim
  • Pushups, burpees, and core work

On days like this, it’s nice to be able to come home and heat this up quickly:

Meatloaf with "avocado-mashed-and-baked-potato"

 It’s pretty versatile as well:

Meatloaf burrito with extra peppers!

You know whats awful?  Having meatloaf and running out of the most important part of the meal…Ketchup! But you can always try and make your own:

Yeah… it didn’t really work… but I didn’t really try- I just boiled and smashed some tomatoes basically… At least it was hot!

After that workout on Friday, my legs could just not get into my workout on Saturday.  I almost bailed, but didn’t! And got some great cross-training in as well a solid 3.5 mile run.  This morning before I headed to the airport, I was at the gym when it opened and banged out what I am dubbing “Tempo Sunday”– awesome 7.5 mile run at 6:37 pace, plus intervals on the elliptical and bike.  This was shorter than previous workout, but felt like the hardest of the week! 

As I dashed off the airport to try and not miss my flight, my cousin was sending me the delicious breakfast he was enjoying at Riposo 46 in New York City…

Chocolate French Toast... except my cousin said it was basically cake. I quote from him, "the best french toast I've ever had, and I know my French Toast!"

Jealous.  But I’ve had some good meals as well.  As was recommended by Matt, I bought some grass-fed meat and made burgers!  This was really tough for me, but after reading all the amazing health benefits, I grilled some up–they were so delicious and I recommend your try difference between grass and grain-fed!

I also received this amazing package from Gabriella!

Super Charge Me cookies!

These are so good!  Especially topped with some peanut butter!

I also received a jar of Tropical Traditions coconut peanut butter this week!  I’ve tried it straight and it delicious but I need to think of some fun ways to use it!  Sweet potato?

Coconut Peanut Butter

I know this post is long, but check out what I ordered the other day:

Know More

The Bracelet says “Know More” and this one is specific for Eating Disorder Awareness.  Honestly, wearing it really helps me.

  1. Do you wear any bracelet’s that really mean something to you?
  2. Any suggestions for using the Coconut Peanut Butter?
  3. Now that I’m a featured HoneyMilk blogger, what topics would you like to see me write about on their site?

9 thoughts on “If you can’t take the heat…

  1. Wowie you are super man with your work outs! You go! Plus homemade ketchup?! That is SOOO cool! Ohio and PA are soo cold this week I hate it! It is more cold here than Alaska.. crazyyy.

  2. I really like that bracelet Chuck, where did you order it from? I’m glad you get to go back to VA, I’m so jealous. It was -20 here today. No run for me booo.

    Once I’m done with swim practice, I want something quick and easy to make. I don’t like to wait around for something to bake for an hour. I save that cooking for other times.

    I hope your conference goes well. On a side note-Stop choosing such cool apartments otherwise I’ll have to come to Ohio. I’m also glad you got some internet to blog stalk.

  3. Wow does look chilly out there. It was just warming up back home meaning plenty of frisbee for us but the freezing fog has hit again. Living by the sea though means it never stays too cold for long :), I’m not a massive fn of the cold.

    The food looks epic mate, I’m particularly jealous of that peanut butter man it sounds super yummy. I’m a massive fan of cooking in advance too, sometimes you just wanna eat NOW haha, especially after a long day of work 🙂 (clocked like 50 hours in the labs last week.)

    The bracelet is way funky I may have to look into ordering one :). I’ve got loads adorning my wrists already though. I have 1 for help the heroes, 11 for liverpool unites a charity that works to get underprivellaged children greater access to sport and the arts, One for stopping nuclear testing and one I got lke 6 years ago when I was in Sweden playing frisbee :).

    My suggestion for the coconut peanut butter…a spoon? nom nom nom.

    Keep up the good work man and congrats on the honey milk feature you’ll be on the bottle in no time flat 😀

  4. My home of Atlanta just recently thawed out. We had an icy mess on our hands. Now we reach a balmy 40 degrees somedays. That was a nice photo though. Probably much more fun to look at than to experience. I know how it is to desperately want to use something new. I’m frequently this way with new clothes. Your food always looks so appetizing. I think your cooking could lure people away from unhealthy options. No bracelets for me yet. Congrats on becoming a featured blogger. I would want to hear about ways to lose body fat, toning my abs, and ways to develop a longer, leaner physique.

  5. Ohhh **shudder** that’s too cold. I’m with you–winter needs to end! Over here we’re having a bit of a “warm spell” but it’s still miserable. Soon we’ll be able to ride outside! (I hope).

    I’m digging the meatloaf burrito–perfect way to solve the issue of no ketchup!

  6. It’s FREEZING here too. I’m excited for over 30 degree temps tomorrow…

    I’m glad you liked the cookies! You know, I’ve never topped one with peanut butter, but it does sound delicious.

    When I was in high school an acquaintance of mine was battling cancer and we all wore blue wristbands that said “EVAN” to support him. Turns out he actually didn’t like the idea and got kind of pissed off about it because he didn’t want to draw more attention to himself…

  7. It’s in the mid-60s and sunny here in good old northern California (sorry for rubbing it in) but I’m STILL freezing! I guess I have the excuse that I just moved home from Africa, but still. I guess I REALLY can’t complain. I grew up in OH and NY and was really tolerant of cold but after a year or two in Cali I was DONE.

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