Resolve, Prioritize, Recharge

Come tomorrow we will be 2 weeks into the new year and I have yet to lay out my goals and resolutions.  Well now is the time—they are going down on paper and becoming real.  I told myself that there many things I planned to do, yet I have not been as faithful to them as I had planned.  I think this is largely because I haven’t truly laid them out and identified them for myself.  By writing them out, it gives me something that I tangibly have and can refer back to in order to keep me on track.

Lately, with moving to Cincinnati, I’ve been having a tougher time getting on a set and regular schedule—like I went to work the first day, then was off Tuesday because of snow, then had a dinner meeting Wednesday night… it’s just been busy and unstructured, and I really like structure I guess.  My workouts have been medium—they started very strong (the gym here is great and the pool is a fantastic resource).  I’ve been trying to swim between 1,000-2,000m  in addition after my regular workouts each day.  The problem is, I have just been really unmotivated lately, and it has had some big impacts on my eating, which I am struggling to work through.  So, as part of my goals, I am committing to be more committed to my workouts (in a good way!) and to get on a better schedule that allows me to fuel, train, and recover properly. 

I had a great workout Tuesday, a brief (but hard) spin before work yesterday, but am deciding to take today to let myself recharge and prioritize.  I am committing to go to bed early, to set and align my goals, and to tangibly put them on paper (or blog).  These goals are absolutely true and are also real goals.  Here they are:


  • Quit backing out on workouts because I am too tired
  • Rekindle my passion and enjoyment of working out again
  • Start to get more sleep—this means going to bed earlier
  • No more waking up on weekends, eating breakfast, then deciding to go back to bed and to go the gym in the afternoon instead
  • Give my body the respect it reserves—to fuel it properly before and after workouts, to give it the number of calories and “goodness” (healthy fat) it needs each day, and to stress less about a missing a workout but having have eaten.
  • To stress less about food—whether or not we exercise, we need fuel and our bodies and MINDS will not function without it
  • To quit throwing food away that are part of my meals


  • To do well at work—to push the bar, be proactive, and deliver over and above what is asked of me
  • To become more socially involved—join some groups, find a triathlon/cycling team, and participate in any events they have
  • Smile more (I try to do this anyway—but I think everyone should try and do this!)


  • To swim more—this needs a defined amount—at least ______meters per week.  Any thoughts?
  • To WIN a race this year!  Like first in my age group
  • Compete at and place well at the ITU World Championships as part of Team USA in November
  • Finally, be the guy on the front of the Athlete’s HoneyMilk bottle—how cool would that be!

You guys know me by now, let me know anything I am missing–I know some thoughts will come to me later, but any suggestions you have, please let me know!

Speaking of HoneyMilk, check out this great recipe I made last week.  It’s HoneyMilk Marinated Butternut Squash!

  • Cubed Butternut Squash
  • 3 oz. Honey flavor HoneyMilk
  • Cinnamon and pumpkin spice to taste

HoneyMilk and squash

Put the squash, HoneyMilk, and spices in a bowl and let the marinate for up to 6 hours in the fridge.


When the time has passed, heat the oven to 400 and place the squash and remaining HoneyMilk on to a baking sheet with foil so that none of the HoneyMilk is lost. 

After removing from the fridge

Spread the squash and remaining HoneyMilk on to the tray

Bake for 20-30 minutes or until the squash reaches your desired doneness!

After baking... Delicious caramelization!

Dinner time!

The squash really soaks up the HoneyMilk and caramelizes beautifully!  It’s delicious–give it a try; I bet Vanilla HoneyMilk would be delicious to.

Well I’ve finally laid my goals out and I want yall to help me stick to them and let me know anything I am missing.  I’m not really “resolving” to do anything– I want to achieve something greater, and that’s why I’m calling them my goals.  Tomorrow is a new day and I begin my 2011 the right way!

  1. What is your number 1 goal for 2011?
  2. Are you having trouble sticking with any of your goals?

7 thoughts on “Resolve, Prioritize, Recharge

  1. I was hoping you hadn’t died up there. You’ll have to enlighten me with how long your triathlon swimming portion is. How much yardage are you getting back right now? (or meterage I suppose?)

    I want to make more sweet potatoes and try making butternut squash things but I have yet to do it erg.

    My number one goal (which I have yet to blog…I guess I have all year.) is to be happier and more confident. I think with that will come so much more in my life. I’m working at it though, although it’s hard to work at anything when I have no energy for anything but swimming right now.

    But I can help you think of more workouts for swimming if you’d like. I know how boring it gets blah.

    On a side note-I need your help.
    How much are you running weekly? I’m starting to put together a rough outline to train for my halfs and can’t quite figure out how much I want to do.

    Anywho-sorry I wrote you a novel, I’m just distracting you from getting to bed.

  2. My biggest goal for 2011 is to stress less. I’m seriously a BASKETCASE most of the time, freaking out about school/workouts/social life/sleep/everything else, and at the end of the day, STRESSING ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING!! It’s been going well so far, but I’m definitely up for a challenge in that department when I go back to school next week!

  3. Heya Dude great goals you are an inspiration as always, it’d be hella cool to see you get onto the honey milk bottle. Glad your move all went ok, don’t worry too much about the increased stres man the three most stressful things in life are moving house, changing jobs and ending or starting a relationship. as you’ve just done two of em I think you can afford to cut yourself some slack.

    I hear you on the sleep thing I really fel it when I’ve been sleeping poorly, though being a chronic insomniac sometimes I can’t help it. I usually sleep worst when I’m overdoing it though, even though thats when I’m my lowest in energy. Just remeber to listen to your body though dude, sometimes your tired in the mind and can pus through, others its a physical thing. It’s important to know the difference.

    My goals have been going well to although I’ve just taken a big hit. I’ve been doing geat with learning japanese, keeping up with at least 15 mins of practice a day. I was stressing less about food and managed to get through the christmas period alright but Ive recently been diagnosed intolerent to cows milk and shellfish. Means a massive shake up of my diet just when I was startng to obsess less over what I eat :(. I’m confident I can come out on top though just means a little more effort to keep me healthy 🙂

    Jeep up the good work bro and Akimashite omedeto gozaimasu


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