Halfmax Half Ironman National Championships

I’m back from a glorious 24 hours in Myrtle Beach where I raced in the Halfmax Half Ironman National Championships! I will do a full race report in a couple of days- I want to wait till I get some pictures back.

The swim was cancelled due to all the rain they had been having the days before the race and the run-off that ran into the swimming venue could have possibly contaminated the water! Bummer! But it helps me since the swim isn’t my strong point.

The wind was also wicked on the bike- we were either riding directly into it or directly with it. Then run course was pretty confusing but somehow manageable.
Overall, I was happy with my results. My splits were better on the bike and touch slower on the run as compared to Patriots Half 3 weeks ago, but that ok because my legs were torched from the bike. I finished 12/25 in my age group and 161 out of 753 overall. Not quite how I have been finishing in my previous races, but I have to remind myself this was the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS- so only the top racers were there. So all in all I was happy! I’ll do a full post later this week when I get some pictures.

Thanks to everyone for all the support you gave me before the race. Thank you for all the positive comments on my last post as well. All your thoughts really got me amped and motivated for this race!

Here were my results:

overall place: 161 out of 753
division place: 12 out of 25
gender place: 145 out of 480
time: 4:14:30
t1: 2:09
bike: 2:42:59 –20.6 mph
t2: 2:17
run: 1:27:05 –6:39 min/mile

Thanks again!


8 thoughts on “Halfmax Half Ironman National Championships

  1. deep down i know you really wanted to do the swim and try out your super speedy secret tips! 😉 it’s too bad it will probably be too cold to swim in december!
    but seriously I am so so so impressed that you can run a 1:27 13.1 after biking forrrreverrrr…I’d be sooooo down with doing a half ironman if they removed the biking!
    I cannot wait for you to tear of the city of Austin with your great athleticism in your next half ironman, you are a racer fo sho!
    go go go, and then taper time! skyping from the couch for accountability!

  2. Hey Dude congrats on your times, man you must be shattered :). I managed to get through my yogathon and I’ve got about £250 raised for Cancer research. Can\t wait to read a full run down of the event :). Your last post on changes really inspired me as well. Had a tough couple of days with starting my PhD (loads of catered events) but I’ve just been sucking it up and getting on with it. My biggest vice was weighing myself, I’d do it ever day. I realised I wasn’t any happier knowing my weight so I just got rid of the scales. It’s been 5 days since I last weighed myself and I’m going strong :D.

    Keep up the good work man.


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