Feeling good…

…So I hope I’m ready!  Patriots half Ironman is one week from today!  Then the HalfMax Regional championship half Ironman is 3 weeks after that.  I found out today that there is an Olympic distance race the weekend before, so I’m thinking about doing it.  We’ll see- big problem would just be finding a spot to stay…any one from Rappahanock, Va?  

There’s a couple other reasons I’m feeling good.  Thursday night I had an interesting coaching call with a pro triathlete, but what he talked to me about was how to be successful and overcome issues that keep us from our goals- in all aspects of life.  I realized that I NEED to take CONTROL of my own life, and to stop letting negative and irrational thoughts rule my life.  So since Friday, I’ve been trying to change all the compulsive behaviors that are “safe” and “comfortable” for me.  

I also met with a new nutritionist on Friday!  She is great- I really like her and she really gets me, which is so important!  I could really talk to her and she could empathize with me.  As much as I shouldn’t have to rely on this, I feel safe in her “giving me permission” to eat certain foods and not throw anything away.   

One of the biggest thing we are working is my post workout nutrition.  For my intense workouts, I need a good amount of carbs and some protein, afterward and she has helped me figure out my numbers.  So another reason I think that I am feeling food is that both yesterday and today I was slamming a recovery drink before I even left the gym!  Thank you to GU Energy for their sponsorship- I’ve been using their recovery mix, which finally arrived last week!  

GU Energy


Even after a hard day yesterday I had another good workout today.  I did:  

  • 7 mile run, 6:39 min/miles
  • 1 hour HARD spin workout of intervals and power sets
  • 3x 5-minute sprint sessions with a lifting circuit in between

I think much of this was because these arrived last night:  

Zensah Recovery socks


A brand new pair of Recovery compression socks from Zensah (www.Zensah.com)!  I wore these all morning and my legs really do feel good!  I put them on as soon as I got back from the gym too, so I should be good tomorrow.  So far I am big time loving these and I will keep reporting on how they help my training in case anyone else wants to order a pair.  

I also got my new helmet and tri shorts that I ordered, earlier this week.  Somebody jacked my tri shorts from the pool, so I e-mailed Epix, the company who makes them, and they worked with me to get a color that would match the shirt of my kit.  I love these Epix shorts- they fit really well and are a little shorter than my other pairs, allowing me to run more freely in races.  Check them out at www.Epix.com.  Here are what they look like:  

Epix shorts


New Helmet!


I haven’t really had to many epic meals this week, although I’ve had some great workouts.  I won’t lie though, I tried to do a recovery run on Monday, which I did, but it was incredibly hard since my legs were so spent.  Then I ended up taking Tuesday off, even though I really didn’t want to.  Unfortunately, I haven’t made it into the pool yet this week either.  But I will tomorrow!  And open-water swimming on Monday…gotta get outside on Labor day.  Here’s a taco I made in the oven:  

Baked hard shell taco


Here is cool protein pancake I made!  1.5 scoops protein powder, 3/4 cup of oats, equal water, and cinnamon.  Then I microwaved the mixture on a plate till it was set to the right firmness.  It came out really well and I will definitely be using these a lot in the future for snacks!  

Mixing it up


Before cooking


Solidified. Would be great with some peanut butter on it!


Tonight, I’m going to relax and keep watching my LSU Tigers take on UNC…thank God college football is back!  I’m also going to stay in control of my life to be happy and successful without letting irrational thoughts take over.  Come back tomorrow- I made a good recipe tonight that I will share, find out whatever I make for dinner tomorrow, and also a give-away of a recovery drink I’ve been taking!  

  1. What shoes do you workout/run in?  If you have a bike, what kind do you ride?
  2. What do you want to see me try and make for dinner tomorrow (Sunday) or some night this week?
  3. And for fun, favorite all-time dessert?

10 thoughts on “Feeling good…

  1. Do you see a nutritionist because of your past eating disorder? Its important to have someone who knows this down to a science so they can talk you out of believing all the bs stuff there is out there.
    As far as what you should try for dinner? I dunno, go try one my recipes! its always fun to see bloggers try them out!
    I dont have a favorite dessert but anything with chocolate will do. I like sweet n salty desserts like salty peanuts with sweet fudge or something.

  2. Glad you like your nutritionist! I’m glad yall are getting along well.

    My favorite dessert ever is 2 chocolate chip cookies with buttercream icing sandwiched between them. Then dip them in chocolate. HEAVENLY. Whole Foods makes them the BEST!!!!!!

  3. hey hey!!
    sooooo excited for you!! are you getting ready to taper!? you feeling awesome=RACING will be awesome! keep this confident attitude up! you’ve got nothing but success ahead of you!!!
    I run in MIZUNO’S…the best shoes everrrr! hehe…I know everyone’s stride is different but if you purchase new shoes after your tri I highly recommend trying on a pair of Mizuno’s!
    my bike is a SPECIALIZED(WSD)…it’s so light and FAST, I am in love with it! I think you should make a PIZZA…or maybe your amazing SALMON this week, my favorite dessert=hot Bread Pudding with cold ice cream! (hint hint!)
    I hope you’re having a great sunday!

  4. I’ve seen a couple of bloggers go to nutritionists recently, and I feel like it’s something I’d like to do. I research a lot about sports nutrition, but it’s always different when you can really have a conversation with someone. Glad it went well for you!!

    I run in Brooks Adrenalines with custom orthotics. I overpronate ridiculously, and this combo is the only one that keeps me from getting tendonitis. Funny how every body/stride is different!

    For dinner, have you tried savory oats? Just oatmeal with salty ingredients (veggies, meat, cheese, etc) instead of sweet ones. Sounds weird, but I swear it works- my favorite combo is carrots and spinach + veggie burger + nutritional yeast and hummus. I feel like you’d enjoy it with some sort of chicken too!

    All-time favorite dessert is dark chocolate. Simple, easy to find, and never makes me sick.

    Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend!

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