Victories and Accomplishments

First off, thank you all so much for your awesome comments and thoughts on my last post!  Reading and speaking with you of you about them has really helped me and I am stronger from hearing what you all had to say.  I hope that, for some of you, reading the post helped you as much as writing it and reading your thoughts helped me.  

Speaking of confidence and pride, congratulations to ASYMCA Team- Jim White Fitness Team #1- for getting first place in the Corporate team Division!  Jim is my nutritionist ( as well as the nutrition advisor to Men’s Fitness Magazine.  There were 3 others on the team as well; JJ, Jeremy, and Kim.  What a cool and hard race!  It was only 5 miles, but at least 3.5 of those miles were running on sand and the rest was either on trails or though mud, rivers, or ditches.  As the race started, I was actually behind everyone else on my team due to a rough start in the pack and then running on the first beach and climbing the sand dunes…since that’s not something I really practice a lot, haha.  Once I figured out how to best run on the sand I started making up for lost time and catching and passing people.  As is always my goal, once I got going I don’t think anyone passed me.  At the finish line we all had to wait and cross at the same time.  Had I been running individual, I think I would have finished 4th in my age group and like 20th overall of 2400+ people.  But the range of people doing this was from Elite athletes to people who probably never ran…which was really motivational to see.  I also got to meet another blogger who was doing the race, Sammi! (  She’s awesome and we got to hang out a little bit after the race.  Even though she got me muddier than the race did…pictures to come of this whole event!  



 Had I been running as an individual, I like to think I would have finished a little higher : )  I would have focused on a better start and maybe pushed a little harder?  Although, I NEVER don’t push hard, so I don’t know if that would have been possible.  The course was pretty brutal as I said, but overall a lot of fun…my calves are definitely feeling it today.  I stepped out of my comfort zone Friday night before the race and ate something that has always been a fear food for me because of its fat content…even though it’s one of the healthiest foods on the planet!  Literally.  Avocados.  I made my “open face omelet recipe” with half an avocado with a baked sweet potato and steamed vegetables.  In my opinion, the key to an avocado is having the perfect ripeness…when you pick it up it should give just slightly as your press it.  The one I got wasn’t quite ripe enough, but it was my only choice at the time.  Therefore, when it got hot in the omelet it didn’t have the creamy, melty, deliciousness that it should have.  SOOO I saved the other half and am going to try it again tomorrow!  Check out the little egg cups I made with it though:  

To start


Add the eggs so that the omelet is done but the yolks are still runny- Crucial!


First place fuel!


Today I really wanted to test myself.  I’ve been unhappy with my performance lately and wanted to accomplish a great workout.  I totally skipped the 8AM group ride, by about 5 hours, and set off on my own just before 1PM.  I was planning to do around 66 miles, since that’s what the group was going to do and that my Triathlon Plan called for.  (For more on my training plan, check out and  But as I hit my turn around point, I realized I was well on my way to more and thought, I’ve come this far, why not set a new personal distance best?  So I ended up riding 80 miles!  What I didn’t realize was that the wind would be totally in face coming back, when I was already tired haha!  That was not fun at all and slowed my overall average pace to like 18.5 mph for the whole ride, even though it was a lot faster going out.  Damnit Virginia Beach, we may not have any hill, but we certainly have wind!  

So coming back I started thinking about how I felt and how far I’d gone and was thinking I wouldn’t do my brick run.  But then I decided not to be a… “whuss”, and crank it out.  I ran a little over 4 miles, in mostly under 7 min/mile pace but ended up with a 7:04 min/mile split due to throwing in 2 long bridge repeats over the Chesapeake Bay.  But I felt good and I felt strong through the heat and pain.  What I am most proud of though, was not getting to this point and saying, “I’ve done enough” and bailing on my swim- since that it where I need the mot work.  Since all the rec centers were closed, I went down the bay and did an open water swim which really helped!  I was able to practice my new form and try to master it in the open water and waves.  Wow that current is strong- I swam out for a 20 minutes split, where I turned around and made it back to my starting point in like 6 minutes!  I kept swimming for another 6 to hit 32 minutes of swimming and then jogged on the beach back to my starting point!  

I was also really proud, that even though I would be eating dinner in like 2 hours, that I made myself drink my high quality recovery drink!  I drank most of it after the run.  This is so crucial to recovery and gaining performance, not sabotaging your results after all the hard work you’ve put in.  I have a great conversation with my friend Greg ( on Friday and his words really helped me.  Thanks bro.  

So I came home and made my favorite BBQ chicken burrito/wraps!  I also used more cheese than normal (it was low-fat, but hey I’m working on it!) They were great!  





 And tonight- I’m not going to throw away any of my snack!  There I’m saying to now!  

Thanks again for all you caring thoughts and I hope everyone is able to motivate and help one another reach our goals whatever they may be!  

And 2 totally unrelated questions:  

  1. What is the difference between a burrito and a soft taco and a wrap?  I think I figured it out once…maybe the use of rice and beans?  With Fajitas it’s how the meat is cooked…
  2. Regarding only regular good ol’ peanut butter or almond butter: Crunchy or Smooth?

8 thoughts on “Victories and Accomplishments

  1. You just haaaad to mention that I got your super muddy :p lol. I’m so glad you gave one of your fear foods a chance the other night! Avocados need love too! 🙂 I love the little “cups” you made with them haha. Awesome.
    At least you don’t have wind &&& hills. That would most definitely be worse! My town has hills but at least that means that my training always involves hills! I am quite fond of racing in va beach though 🙂
    Freaking awesome workout! I need to learn how to tell myself to not back out of workouts!

    1. I don’t know. Please don’t make me think that hard. It’s too early in the morning (whatever, 10 am can be early! haha)
    2. smooth for sure!

    p.s.-thanks a lot for making me hungry. now I’m going to have to actually leave my room so I can eat lol

  2. So, so glad you are eating up those healthy avocados!!!! I bet you anything guys like Lance Armstrong eat them regularly. Keep on eatin’ those babies up!! 🙂

    You’re doing great Chuck, so proud of you!!

  3. Hi!
    I just had to congratulate you on your 80miles! That is RIDICULOUS! You must feel so proud and accomplished!!!!! It is so true that we our limitations are in our mind!
    I wish you nothing but the best in whatever you do in the future! Your meals look great as well! I am so glad you were drinking recovery drinks (and good ones). Recovery/timing and nutrient up-take are so important. I do Nutrition and Supplement Consulting- so I’ve seen the difference taking BCAA type drinks can make! Have you ever tried Anjimoto’s Aminovital? Check out their line- it’s quite good!
    Congratulations again!

  4. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Congrats on the race and your PR for bike distance. My husband does tris. Me? Not so much. I’ll run and lift weights and if you add in kickboxing or step aerobics, that’d be my triathlon 😉

  5. Congrats on first! We were out at virginia beach for cheerleading nationals last year and the winds are definately killer! Never got to enjoy it though since it was still spring and was chilly + stormy 😦 That omelet looks killer~ egg on egg action with avocados!
    1. not sure on this really… heard a funny stand up about how mexican food was all really the same food marketed multiple times with different names but lol I’m sure theres a difference
    2. smooooooth all the way!

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