Turbo Thursday

Hey guys- Just quick post tonight because (a) I want to keep it happy, positive, and free of eating disordered thoughts, and (b) I don’t really have any new recipes or food to update with!

Today was a solid work out.  Ben Farrell and I are both racing Rockett’s Landing Olympic triathlon in Richmond on Sunday, so we hit the last intense workout of the week tonight.  I started with a 4 mile run, then a hard 2800m in the pool, transitioned from there to a 34 mile ride, and finished with a quick 1.7 mile brick run off that bike.  Everything felt pretty good, although my legs are always sore haha.  Bike was good- averaged only like 19.2 heading out because I swear it was almost entirely into the wind, but did 20.2mph on the way back.  We hit this second half a lot harder and took turns leading- Ben is a beast on the bike, but I was able to keep up and even lead a few times while maintaining around 23 mph!

This was great, I just wish I were like a pro triathlete and do these workouts whenever I wanted.  It sucks having to fit all this in after work….like how I finished dinner tonight at 10:40!  It’s all good though, by the time I make lunch for tomorrow, clean up, take a shower, and write this blog, it’ll be time for a snack since I know I need to nutrition after a day like today.  But speaking of food, check out this picture of my little sister, Tracy.  It was taken in New York City in front of the famous Treats Truck which was featured on the new Food Network show “Kid in a Candy Store” last week!

Tracy in NYC

Now here’s a picture all the way from Montana!  My Dad was there on business this week and here’s the last meal he had there before he came home:

Buffalo Osso Bucco

Buffalo Osso Bucco!  Fresh, natural, and talk about free-range and hormone-free!  I’m so jealous.

So I’m looking for some new ideas: First,

  1. What would you guys like to see me cook this coming week?  Any cool recipes you think I should try?
  2. Tomorrow I am going to have chicken and sweet potato for dinner- but I need a new sweet potato recipe or topping: What are your ideas?  Peanut butter, cream cheese, butter?  Peanut butter and butter?  Sounds good actually….

So let me know!  And check out this sweet video: it’s my finish at the race last weekend! 

(can anyone explain to me how to embed this?)

via 26th Annual Pohanka Colonial Beach Triathalons – Colonial Beach, VA :: FinishCam.com.


3 thoughts on “Turbo Thursday

  1. good morning friend 🙂

    my favorite sweet potato toppings are – sunflower seed butter, tahini + honey, salsa + black beans, marianara sauce + mozz, or EVOO, mustard, garlic, salt, + pepper 🙂

    i guess i think of them as toast…? but i’m not gonna lie – favorite way to eat them is definitely sliced up and baked like oven fries. sigh.

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