What a week!

Wow, what a way to finish up this week.  Next weekend I’m traveling to Richmond to Rockett’s Landing Olympic Triathlon on Sunday.  Possibly checking out some cool restaurants there, so I’ll keep you updated. 

This was a big training week: 

Run: 43.5 (new best), Bike: 6.5-ish hours on the bike (110 miles on the road plus a couple spin classes), Swim: 2200m- only one swim (today) but YES, I swam!  Also got a couple of good lifts in as well. 

Today I rode with the guys from Final Kick.  We cranked for 3.5 hours and got over 67 miles.  I rode alone for a little bit, but we worked in some 10-minute intervals as a group as well.  Averaged 19.3mph going out and 20mph coming back!  Which was solid because I was riding alone for a lot of that.  We did do one 10-minute interval averaging 25mph which was crucial. 

After this, I ran 5 miles.  Pace was a slow 7:08- my legs were hella tired not only from the ride but the week as a whole.  After this I headed to pool and swam- yeah!  Did a pyramid of 500-400-300-200-100, 5×50 on the minute, and 3 IMs. 

Had a lot of good eats with week.  First, I made English Muffin Pizzas: 

Ingredients: Cheese, English muffins, chicken

Toasted and sauced


Ta da! They were good

Tasted great, but Eat them hot!  I always am reading or doing something else while I eat so I never really eat my food hot… I should work on this… 

Here’s another meal I made- Eggs Diablo!  Basically you just dump salsa in a skillet and crack the eggs in the salsa and let them poach.  The egg whites mix with the salsa a little bit and make the sauce a little thicker.  I then put the whole thing over a baked potato.  It was great, and quick!  Only problem was that it uses a lot of salsa haha 

Saute the salsa and mushrooms

Crack eggs into the salsa

Over a baked potato

Well I guess that’s it.  I’ll try and update more this week so I don’t have to do long end of the week posts.  I also forget all the fun stuff I want to blog about by Sunday night when I’m smoked haha! 


  1. Whats your favorite ways to make eggs?  Got a good recipe for me?
  2. Anyone want to go to Austin with me?  I’m racing there in October but have no one to go with!


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5 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Those pizza bites look scrumptious!!! i used to do something similar but haven’t made them in a while! must get back into them:)

    i love eggs but i think the simpler you eat them ,the better;)! xx

  2. Those look yummy, I dont eat cheese but I’m sure these will taste delicious without it.
    I love a good, proper omelet. We spent like a week in culinary school practicing omelets! Check my blog for p coming egg recipes!

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