Colonial Beach Triathlon week!

This was a good weekend- as I posted the other day I was in DC with the family.  I also clocked 42.5 miles running, and got a solid day of riding hills in Clifton…which was vicious!  40 miles in the hills was tougher than 60+ at the beach…it’s impossible to ride consistently at all because you’re constantly shifting and climbing.  Great for training!  Hopefully I will be some benefit in my upcoming triathlon this Sunday- Colonial Beach International Triathlon, right outside Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

Had another hard workout tonight- after 3 hours in the car, it was definitely what I needed.  7 mile run in 46:05, so 6:35 minute miles which I was very pleased with.  Followed this with an intense spin class…that turns out was 90 minutes, not just an hour! Nice! 

Last week I took on a big challenge for myself.  Everyday I was going to try and include a tablespoon (so 1 serving) of healthy oil- either omega-3s or coconut oil.  I did ok!  It was tough, and I only got 3.5 times, but I feel great right now and it didn’t kill me right??  I used Perfect Foods Omega-3 oil which is an awesome product full of Omega-3s from a lot of different sources.  With this, I mixed it into my morning protein shake: 

Omega-3 oil from Perfect Foods


The other day, I made roasted sweet potatoes with the Coconut oil- wow these were good! I just sliced up a sweet potato into chip-size pieces and then rubber on 1 tablespoon of the oil and baked on foil for 20-30 minutes 



This came out very crispy and had a fantastic flavor! 

Crispy and delicious with Spicy baked chicken breast


I highly suggest trying this..delicious and healthy?  Nice, nice. 

I also finished my current rotation at work on Friday, so the department got me a cake for us all the celebrate…thanks team! 

Boston Creme Pie


Boston Creme Pie- one of my favorites. 

So again, leave any questions about fitness, nutrition, health concerns, or triathlons as I’ll make sure to answer them for you!  Stay tuned this week for a healthy Chimichanga recipe!


3 thoughts on “Colonial Beach Triathlon week!

  1. Man, sounds like a rough week, i wonder what BAMF took you on that 40 miler in Clifton… =)
    Make sure to take it easy this week, we got to do some WORK in that tri son!

  2. Coconut oil is my favorite! I love roasting my sweet potatoes with coconut oil and CINNAMON. Give it a try and you will love it 🙂

  3. How nice of them to get you a boston creme pie cake!! I want a slice!! 🙂

    I love cooking sweet potatoes up with a little oil. It adds so much flavor and it is so, so healthy!!

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