Stong start…

…and a not as strong finish haha.  I went to a Norfolk Tides baseball game and ended getting to bed later than planned, so I didn’t get up to meet a group for a 3-hour ride at 7AM.  No worries, I thought, I’ll just go when I wake up.  I guess I just planned to ignore the fact that it been 100 degrees here everyday for the last week.  So when I left at 1PM, it was easily 95 degrees…and got hotter as the day went on.   The ride was good though- 66 miles, averaged about 19.3 mph.   

But the run was miserable- probably the hardest run I’ve ever done.  When I got BACK to my car, it was still 98 degrees.  I understand how you feel now, Matt (  Did 10 miles, but I didn’t carry any water with me and was already dehydrated from the bike.  It’s really amazing how much of a difference this make…and also how it messes with your thoughts- the only thing I could imagine was how bad I wanted a drink.  I didn’t ask any who rode by me for a drink, but if I saw they had water, I tried to put on “please God, let me have a drink” look.  Haha it didn’t work.  My overall pace ended up being 8 min/mile pace.  Not good for me AT ALL.  But considering how I felt?  I’ll take it.  Of course, the run I did on Wednesday was 10.5 miles at 7 min/mile pace…but it was a lot cool and we only did 37 miles on the bike before.  Lessons learned:  

  1. If it’s really hot, don’t run outside
  2. Either carry water with me, or run to places with water
  3. It’s a lot cooler without a shirt on

I went to the Bay to try and cool off after this-but it was like getting into a hot-tub.  Wouldn’t say it cooled me off at all, but it did feel kind of good, and with a day like today, the beach was necessary.  

I came home and made some of my go-to wraps: chicken with mushrooms salsa, fresh chopped tomatoes, and Colby-Jack cheese.  I also tried to crisp them in the oven to make crispy tacos shells…sort of worked, but I think I’ll just use some store-bought crispy shells next time (surprisingly, they aren’t that bad!  Oil, and corn tortillas are the only ingredients, and they really don’t have many calories.  But still…)  

Crisped in the oven


Both of the "shells" before topping added


Threw some okra on top of this one...thought it would feel more "southern"


This one was a lot better- crisped it again in the toaster-oven


They came out well, but I’m really in the mood for like, a real meal.  Like something my mom would make…and something I don’t have to prepare on Sunday to re-heat later in the week.  I’ll be at home in DC this weekend, so I’m thinking of smoking a lean brisket for the 4th!  I’m also feeling maybe some chicken n’ dumplings, or chimichangas!  

Thanks for everyone’s response to my questions in the last post.  For me, I try to eat after my workout, because I absolutely know how important it is.  Sometimes I talk myself out of it though because I know I’m going right home to dinner.  That usually takes at least an hour though, so I absolutely do need to be eating something.  Goes back to my new years resolutions: Sleep more, increase my healthy fats, and improve my post-workout eating.  My results are so much better when I consistently eat post-workout.  

Here are a couple questions this week:  

  1. Have you ever trained when it’s really hot and how does it affect your pace?
  2. Now for fun…All-time favorite cereal?  Now and as a kid?

Contest:  Send me a recipe you love but would like me to “health-ify”!  I will choose one recipe each week to makeover and make sure it still tastes great while being healthy!  (Remember, “healthy” doesn’t mean fat-free/ calorie-free.  It means all the essential macronutrients in healthy balance!)  

Is anyone interested in ordering a Pacific Elite Fitness Triathlon kit, as offered from an awesome triathlon coach, Ben Greenfield, on  It is the kit I am wearing in all my race pics and I love it.  Somebody jacked my shorts last week, so my kit is incomplete.  But Ben and I need and order for at least 10 kits before he can order more.  So if you want one, let me know!  They fit great and are really high quality for a great price!  

Have an awesome week everyone–hope y’all had great weekends!


3 thoughts on “Stong start…

  1. Favorite cereal as a kid, Toasted Oatmeal Square and maybe cocoa krispies (but my parent rarely let me buy it, health nuts) and now I gotta say I’m a cereal whore, but I love the plain old cheerios.
    I hate heat, I’m a yoga instructor and refuse to do “hot” or bikram yoga. Bleh, its like a big degree commercial!

  2. My running has been HORRIBLE this summer. I’ve been running around a 10 minute pace (other than for that race) and I haven’t been able to run very far. Water is a tremendous help, so I need to start carrying some with me too. & I definitely agree about the not wearing a shirt thing lol. It’s easier for guys though.

    Favorite cereal… as a kid, probably fruity pebbles. As an adult, probably fruity pebbles 🙂 haha. I don’t like to eat cereal though and I try to grab a healthy one when I do. Cereal never keeps me full for very long at all, so I try to remember that and just stay away from it!

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