Got it in – kickin back

It’s been a solid training week since last post–a lot of high quality workouts in some good weight lifting sessions too!  That being said, my body told me today was a recovery day, so I have a some time to catch up here…and hopefully write some on which I have been neglecting to do! 

On Saturday I got a 62-mile bike ride in with a 4 mile run after.  Then I drove up to DC to surprise my little sister because she was actually home for a day- she got a day off from the Eating disorder clinic.  It was also my little brothers birthday, so I was the “good brother” this weekend.  The ride was really early so that I could get home as early as possible.  I tried to eat well, but not knowing what I would get to eat back at home, I definitely restricted a little bit.  I got all my carbs and protein, but avoided any fat.  I have an apple, protein shake, and Marshmallow fluff sandwich (no peanut butter…what was I thinking??)  I had in the fridge so I could grab it quick and eat in the car, but at some point my roommate moved it… 

Neal made my sandwich smushed


It made for a messy drive haha.  On Sunday, I had planned to do the same workout I did last weekend when I was in DC- a triathlon on my own, but when I woke up Sunday, I weighed the options between the workout and more sleep…the latter won out.  My plan, then, was to drive back to Norfolk and workout here- but I forgot the gym closed at eight!  This made the whole drive very uncomfortable because I had definitely planned to get something in that day.  However, I was able to get to the gym 32 minutes before closing and bang out a 5 mile run! 

After this I came home and made some Honey Mustard chicken.  Very, very easy…mix honey with mustard, slather on the chicken and bake.  Delicious! 

Mustard, honey, chicken


Glazed before going in the oven


Honey Mustard Chicken (my version)


Here are some pictures from another day last week: 

Oatmeal with protein powder and pumpkin-- Power breakfast!


Here is also my attempt at the omelet I have failed at multiple times now.  If I’m having eggs, I really want to enjoy the yolk, hence I like my eggs over easy.  So when I make my omelets, I try to make most of it with Egg Beaters, then add the eggs on top late in the game and let them sort of poach on top.  However, I always overcook the yolk which is worse than just scrambling them in like a normal omelet.  Oh well, haha 

Attempting to make an "over-easy omlete"


And served with some baked sweet potato and butternut squash fries 

Half sweet potato half butternut squash


I think this time the omelet sort of ended up working! 

Ta da


It was good.  For anyone interested, here is the workout I did yesterday that was a lot more brutal than expected! 

4x 1.55 mile run (10 minutes) with 10 minutes hard on the bike between sets 


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3 thoughts on “Got it in – kickin back

  1. My mom used to make us honey mustard chicken almost identical to how you make it. I always LOVED it!! I should try making it myself sometime!!

    Glad you were able to spend some time with your family. I know they enjoyed seeing you!! 🙂

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