GUR and I Tri by myself!

Hey guys!  This has been another long week–I wasn’t as smoked from the Half Ironman as I honestly thought I would be.  But then again, many of my weekend training sessions were around those distances, so I did prepare well.  Now it’s time to recover and then start to train better and smarter and get faster…and recover better!  That means, more sleep! 

Today was a good day- I decided to do a little triathlon at the gym:  I swam 3150m as a sprint pyramid, then bike the longest course on the “Expresso Bike” (which is like a real bike simulation), and then ran 6.5 miles.  It was tough!  The bike was a 20 mile course, but it was pure hills…I was drenched.  It took me like 1 hour 12 minutes, so that proves how “virtually” hilly it was.  The run was tough too since it was on a treadmill I wasn’t used to and that ran harder than what I usually run on.  After this I drove back to Norfolk.  I ran to the gym here and got a great core-centric lift using an exercise band and exercise balls and then did a long stretch. 

I realized last Thursday that I lifted maybe twice in the last 2 weeks…scary!  With all the races I either haven’t had time or have avoided it as part of my peak and taper cycle.  So after a hard run and bike Thursday I realized I had to do something, and in doing so, came up with a great circuit.  I did 4 rounds of the following: 

  • 6 Heavy DB bench press
  • 12 Leg curls using the exercise ball
  • 10 Dips
  • 10 DB Bicep curls into an Overhead military press
  • 10 Seated cable lat rows

Done with minimal rest between exercises and a quick breath between rounds.  Try it out–hits everything except really your quadriceps, but mine were done from the hard bike and run. 

On Saturday I went home up to DC and my cousin and I did the Great Urban Race with cousin Jason.  It’s basically a giant scavenger hunt throughout the city that requires solving some clues as well as a thorough knowledge of the city.  For example, one of the clues was, “go to the location of George Washington University and take a picture of both teammates performing the good luck tradition.”   We didn’t win, but it was a lot of fun- I’ll post pictures when my cousin sends them.  Oh, and our team name was, Newt Gingrich and the Salamanders. 

Afterward we celebrated out loss at my house on the Weber grill.  My dad, the grillmaster, grilled some great London Broil steaks.  As a note, lean steak is nearly as lean as chicken breast and contains essential amino acids, proteins, and Iron!  Not that we should fear eating fat!  But just wanted to express my support of eating a well balanced diet and including all food types.  We ate this vegetables, 12-grain bread from Whole Foods, and sweet potatoes with real butter!  I found some “I can’t believe it’s not butter” that was in our fridge it had partially AND fully hydrogenated oil in it.  Gross.  Here’s the beautiful steak! 

Perfect London Broils on the Weber!


Here are some pictures of what I made tonight when I got back from the 3 hour drive back to Norfolk.  Leftover steak, with a chicken breast and baked sweet potato with cream cheese and diced pecans…one of my favorite meals! 

Leftover steak with BBQ chicken (Almost ate all the steak before I took the picture)


Sweet potato with cream cheese and diced pecans


Enjoy guys!  Remember to leave your health, exercise, and nutrition questions for me!


3 thoughts on “GUR and I Tri by myself!

  1. That sweet potato looks rockin==can’t beat pecans & sweet potatoes! And ‘grats on the half ironman! I can’t imagine the hills out there (actually, I’ve ridden around out there, so I can, but still, the combo). SML was definitely not a major feat for anyone, but I’m happy to have done it.

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