Catching Up

So finally using the internet in my own apartment! 

Had my race yesterday…it went ok.  My times were basically the same as the race I did at the location last October (exact same course.)  I was expecting my times to be a lot better since I have been putting in a lot of volume, but I guess that will transfer better into my half Ironman.  The focus now is getting into the water…my swim was baaaaaad! haha. 

For the rest of this post I’ll just show you guys a lot of pictures of the recap of the week!

My Jar of Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil on Sweet potato!

Eggs in the microwave when all you dishes are packed

Cream cheese and cocoa dusted almonds for a sweet potato

Cocoa dusted almonds and cream cheese on a sweet potato

My little brothers BBQ pork sandwich from Ronnies!

Here are my results; they just got posted:

CHUCK FEERICK VIRGINIA BECH VA   223 00:32:37 302 00:03:34 151 01:11:11 212 00:01:45 14 00:40:24   02:29:29

swim sucked; transitions sucked; bike medium; run 14th fastest of 377 men.  I see where I need work!


2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Chuck, you should be so proud of yourself!! Well done!!

    Great idea to put cream cheese and cocoa almonds on your sweet potato. That is so creative and it sounds delicious!!

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