Flat Out Tasty and right out tough!

Happy Easter everyone!  I hope that all those of you celebrate it got to spend time with your families and loved ones.  I stayed here in Virginia Beach instead of going up to DC to see the family.  They said nothing special was happening and it would be more fun to go when I can spend more time up there.  Plus, I had to get some training in. 

You know how some days you have and some days you don’t?  I mean, some days you run fast and others not?  Because my runs this weekend were not good at all…I mean, I don’t think I’ve gotten slower since Thursday, have I? I wrote yesterday about the run I did off the bike and how good and fast I felt, but yesterday I barely could keep under 7/min pace.  Although, in all fairness, my legs felt like lead and stomach felt horrible…but still! 

Today I did Half Ironman practice brick.  Rode a little over 56 miles and then ran 10 miles off the bike.  The ride felt fine, but the run was one of the most miserable of my life haha!  My legs felt heavy, I was running slow, and I’ve never thought about stopping and walking that much before!  Buuuuuut, I didn’t stop and finished the damn run with an average pace of 7:14.  The slowest I’ve run since I can remember.  However, since my legs have been sore since Friday, maybe this was why, and if this is the worst I can feel and I still finished, maybe I’ll be even better come race day!  

Plus the weather was warm and sunny–I’m actually burnt! I hit up the gym later in the afternoon for a quick lift and for a long stretch.  Then I came home and made an awesome dinner which I will show you tomorrow… 

But check out what I made last night!  Pizzas on Multigrain Flax Flat-Out wraps.  Usually I wouldn’t buy these, but I noticed them because they were on sale and saw that they were much thicker than a tortilla and would be great crusts for pizza!Start by toasting them in the oven for 7 minutes.  This prevents them from getting soggy from the sauce and makes the crust taste great.  Then, when they are crisp, add you toppings.  I used a homemade tomato sauce, chicken breast, and used cheddar on one of them and pepper jack on the other.  Plus tons for garlic, onion, and oregano seasonings, and crushed red pepper flakes, obviously! 

Wraps and sauce


Pre bake


Post bake


They actually came out really well!  The crusts held up great. 

Back to today though. I had really tough workout.  I know it shouldn’t matter how hard I worked out as a reason to eat, but I can’t help it today.  I really want my Cadbury Creme Egg and I’m going to eat it!  I made a deal with my little sister that would both eat them tonight and now stress over it.  She is going through an eating disorder of her own right now, so keep her in your thoughts.  I feel horrible knowing that it’s from my example that she probably got it… Another reason for me to be strong and beat mine.  So here’s a picture of her showing her strength and overcoming a fear of hers.  Nice job Tracy! 

My sister and her Cadbury Creme Egg!


3 thoughts on “Flat Out Tasty and right out tough!

  1. Happy Easter, Chuck!! I love making pizzas on those flat outs!! Your’s look really good!!

    So glad you and your sister are supporting each other and hoping one another overcome those feers! 😉 I had some ice cream, a cupcake, AND a chocolate covered marshmallow egg and I didn’t even workout today. No guilt b/c it was just one day and it will not change the fact that I am healthy and strong. Keep working to enjoy your treats without any guilt. Life is just too short.

  2. You must feast.

    I can run 16 min 5k’s and let me tell you kid. I did not work out today and below is what I’ve eaten, no joke….

    Meatball sub
    Chicken Wings
    Mashed Potatoes
    5 boberry biscuits
    Large Dominos Pizza

    Guilt, nope. My body needs it. The reason your legs felt heavy today is because yesterday you: biked 30 miles, ran 6.5 and swam 1. That is a FUCKLOAD of working out, and doing a brick after such a feat would be tough indeed.

  3. The pizza looks delicious. I’m going to try this one!

    Don’t worry about your pace. What is slow to you is very FAST to me 🙂 I’ve been thinking about a half ironman…….just a thought for now.

    Good luck training this week.

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