Sham(Legs of)Rock Half Marathon

Today was the Yuengling Shamrock Half Marathon at the Ocean Front!  It was gorgeous weather!  Although, as the half marathon started at 7am, it was still pretty cold when we started.  I can’t believe that I had to get up at like 5 on weekend. 

Parking sucked and I was barely able to get my bag checked as was literally trying to sneak into Corral 1 as the race started.  Therefore I didn’t get to warm up at all which is never good.  I don’t know whether or not it would have made a difference, but my logs felt like logs as we started.  At around mile 3 I was literally like, “maybe I’ll just call it a day here…”  My GPS also ran out of batteries before the race started haha.  Luckily, I caught up with a guy running like the same pace as my goal pace and ran the entire race with him.

All this being said, I set a new PR of 1:27:24- over a minute faster than the Colonial Half a few weeks ago!  Legs were smmooooked.  Check out my results if you want:  These are the results for Ashley Williams, haha, since I bought her spot at the last minute on Craig’s List because she couldn’t race and it was sold out.  If I compare my time to the overall time, I 98th out of 6546 overall, 84th in males, and 9th in my age division.  So I was happy with that

For Half Ironman practice, I went right to the gym and made the 9:15 cycling class with was a hard workout.  Then I came home, ATE (more- I ate after the race), took a nap, then rode my bike to they gym to do a good lift and long stretch.  Surprisingly, my body is hurting and tired, but I’m not mentally tired really at all….like I don’t think I could go to bed and fall asleep right now if I tried.  Which is weird considering what I did today and what time I got up?

Anyways, I made bagel pizzas for dinner and they were awesome!

  • 1 large whole wheat bagel
  • Tomato slices to cover the bagel hole
  • Grilled chicken breast
  • Sauce (Trader Joes)
  • Cheese of choice
  • Oregano and garlic

Toast the bagels, add the toppings, and bake for 10 minutes.  On one of the half I used cream cheese!  I was inspired by those new Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercials that talk about adding cream cheese to pasta sauce or mashed potatoes, etc.  It’s really good, haha check out for ideas.


Half 1

Half 2- with light cheddar and provolone

Ok still hungry…After all I did today, have I earned a treat for tonight?


5 thoughts on “Sham(Legs of)Rock Half Marathon

  1. WOW!! Awesome PR!! Let me put this in perspective for you. You ran you 1/2 almost an HOUR faster than I ever ran one. I think my fastest was around 2:15. You are crazy fast!!

    I love bagel pizzas!! I hope you had that treat b/c you most definitely earned something indulgent!!

    • Wow 2:15 is still a great time! And the bagel pizzas were awesome–got any recipes for them?

      I had some oreos with peanut butter 🙂

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