Mayan Chicken

Good news- I got into the Shamrock half marathon this weekend!  Bough me a nice spot on Craigslist haha.  So I’ll be running as “Amy”…but hey I only paid like half the price!  I’m thinking about trying to do a long ride and a swim after to do basically a backwards Half Ironman (run, bike, swim lol).  Any thought on whether or not this would be a good idea from any of you triathletes out there?  I’ll be sure to post my results.

So you saw the picture I posted of the Aztec Chicken that I was going to try.  Well I tried it the other night and I’ll show you what it looked like below.  The recipe picture looked crispy and melty, but mine was very soggy…I knew that would happen though, but I tried it anyway.  Here’s what I did

  • Pounded out the chicken breasts and heavily seasoned them
  • Rolled the cooked peppers and onions with the cheese inside the chicken
  • Then rolled the chicken up inside the tortilla and wrapped it all in foil
  • Baked then for about 30-40 minutes at 425

They tasted awesome!  I just would have like them crispy.  But if I hadn’t baked them in the foil, the tortillas would have been burnt to a crisp before the chicken was done.  Here are the pictures:

Pounded and seasoned

In a Garlic and Herd whole grain tortilla

After cooking

I also had a good workout today- I did:

5 Rounds of:

  • 5 Hang cleans
  • 6 high box jumps
  • 7 Hand stand push ups on the box

Then 4 rounds of: 10 Barbell curls, 6 underhand barbell rows, and 12 push ups on the barbell

Finished with 4 sets of: 8 wide grip lat pull downs, 10 dips, and 4 negative pull ups

Then got in 6.75 miles in 45 minutes and 20 minutes intervals on the “harder than elliptical machine” haha

I’ve been focusing big time lately on nutrition after my workouts…like immediatley.  This is so important for muscle and glycogen recovery, having energy for the rest of the day and you’re next workout, and to prevent soreness!   So I’ve been bringing a homemade drink of Heed carbohydrate drink mixed with some protein to get a 3 or 4:1 carb protein ratio.  I’ll let you know how this affects my performance etc.  This part of my new goals: Better workout nutrition, eat more fat, get more sleep!

Night yall


One thought on “Mayan Chicken

  1. I love chicken! I”m one of those weird people that loves just plain chicken.. but when it’s dressed up like that it’s even better!

    And awesome workout! I really want to try negative pull ups.. they seem hard though!

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you- I also got more readers by commenting on a lot of blogs. It took a lot of time though!

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