Mmm Mmm Meatloaf! Plus knee pain and dynamic stretching

It has been an absolutely crazy week, but I’m finally getting time to put up a legit post!  I didn’t take any picture of the meals I made this week, but I think they were all some way of eating all the chicken I cooked last Sunday.  I did make some yummy tortilla/wrap pizzas on some Sprouted Millet spinach flavor wraps I found at health store.  They are much thicker than tortillas, but not higher in calories like a pita.  Plus they had tons of fiber.  I used fresh sliced tomatoes, Trader Joes marinara, and topped with cheddar and more bbq chicken.  I’ll probably have it again and I’ll take a picutre.  Here is a picture of the bbq sauce I cooked the chicken in from the BBQ sauce of the month club:  

February BBQ Sauce #1

But the best recipe I made recently was my turkey breast and pork tenderloin meatloaf!  I bought a pork tenderloin (which is just as lean as a chicken breast) walked over to the butcher section of the grocery store and had them grind it for me.   

One of the key ingredients I added was Wheat Germ, which I just bought the other day.  Studies have shown that Octacosanol, which is found in wheat germ, has been shown to have performance benefits for endurance training.  Ok, to get this from wheat germ itself means I would have to eat like 20 servings worth…Octacosanol is sold an oil extract, but I figured it still must have some benefits!  

Heres the recipe:  

  • 1 lb pork tenderloin
  • 1.25 ground turkey breast
  • Ketchup
  • A1
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Egg
  • .5 cup wheat germ
  • .5 cup wheat bran

5 servings, 1500 calories, 30g fat  

300 calories per serving, 6g fat  

These made 5 great big patties, yet they were only 300 calories apiece.  Here are a couple pictures:  

Mix in the bowl

Pre-baked Patties

Meatloaf with some cheese on it


I got a question last week about knee pain from running.  A reader told me that she is a great runner and has always been able to run well even without a lot of training, but after having kids, she has been feeling pain in her knees from running.  A guy at the running store where she bought her shoes suggested she start dynamic stretching to help the pain.  She doesn’t want to give up running and asked me what she could do.  So here are my suggestions after doing a lot of research:

Postpartum, there can be change in hip structure, especially in women who have given birth vaginally.  The stretching from child birth increases what is called the “Q angle”, which is the angle from you hips to your knees.  This increase puts more torque on knees and ankles.  This extra pressure means that you have to find a way to become stronger or to do something that will allow you to move freer with the wider hip ankle. 

Dynamic stretching is ok—it will do some benefit for you, but what you should really focus on is core strengthening and strengthening your butt and hip muscles.  This can be done by doing kick out and side kick outs, squats and lunges, and any kind of core exercises done in the standing position like cable torso twists.  Plank position exercises will help too, like front planks and side planks, and moving in these planks positions like toe taps in a front plank position or getting into a side plank position and reaching for the sky over and over again.  Those exercises can help your body to be stronger to withstand some of those extra pressures.   

Also, your shoes themselves matter; getting some over-pronation orthotics or higher stability running shoe.    I hope this helps! 

However, dynamic stretching in general is crucial for warming up before any activity!  Static stretching has actually been shown to stress your muscles and make them fatigue faster during exercise as well as not providing a decent warm up.  Dynamic stretching gets you muscles loose as well as warming your body up.  Here is a good link that shows a good dynamic stretching warm up:

Thanks everyone–send me your questions and thoughts!  Some good posts coming soon…I’m embarking on a new mission for myself…


2 thoughts on “Mmm Mmm Meatloaf! Plus knee pain and dynamic stretching

    • Oh its so good! Try this one–Pork tenderloin in the slow cooker; then shred it up and add barbeque sauce and have it on sandwiches. It’s awesome!

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