Peanut Butter Bonanza

Peanut butter, the all-american favorite.  It has a delicious nutty, saltier flavor with a deep richness.

Almond butter, a modern option.  It was a smoother, milder, sweeter taste that extends itself to many uses.

These should taste good mixed together then, right?  No, not really.  Their delicious individual tastes basically cancel each other out.  I had half a jar of each when I has at home in DC for christmas.  Instead of bringing both jars back to Virginia Beach with me, I figured I would mix them and it would be delicious.  Don’t get me wrong, it was ok, they are just both better individually.

I also have most of a jar of P.B. Loco Cookie Dough peanut butter.  This was nice for a little snack, but I knew I wouldn’t get through the jar anytime soon.  So I decided to mix them all together!

Lots of nut butter

Transferring into a container for the fridge

Honestly, this wound up great!  The chocolate of the cookie dough PB brough out just enough sweetness to make this delicious.

On another note, there is a jar of almond butter in the background of that picture.  I found yesterday in the store–what’s awesome is that its CRUNCHY.  I’m a crunchy fan, and to date, all the almond butter I had tried had been smooth.  Count it!

I also purchased my Half Ironman training plan from pro triathlete Ben Greenfield the other day.  It is a 36-week plan that prepares your for an Ironman distance, but can be modified to the half Ironman distance.  I bought at  Ben has a great website as well,, where he provides great advice and information on nutrition, fitness, and health issues.  He also does a weekly podcast where he answer’s listener questions and usually features a triathlon or nutrition expert for a specific topic.  Check it out and I’ll keep you all updated on my training:

Kinetic Half Ironman–May 8th: 15 weeks out

Austin Ironman 70.3–October 20th



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