Mix My Granola–I dare you…

I wanted to do a re-post of my most recent order from MixMyGranola since it was so good.  After I won a contest on another blog and was awarded a gift certificate to MixMyGranola, how could I refuse??  Entitled “Winners Granola” (aptly named since I won the competition, and well…I like to win…) this granola included  Low-fat Granola, raisins, walnuts, and oatbran flakes.  I also added to it banana slices, Cocoa crisp bites (gotta have em), animal crackers (yessss), and some boosters: Bee pollen powder, Maca powder, and LOVE.

Here are my favorite ways to eat it:

  • Straight…by the handful
  • Mixed with yogurt and bananas
  • My favorite: 1 cup of fiber cereal like Kashi with a serving of this granola on top.  Then, for the milk, I use a couple scoops of protein powder with water.  So its like pouring a thick chocolate milk on a bowl of cereal–sooo good.  I usually eat this at work for a post-morning-workout breakfast.

Obviously, as well as being made from all natural ingredients, the granola is filled with complex carbs and healthy fats and proteins.  The sugars are also all natural and no High Fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.  In fact, no oils or fake sugars at all.  Just the goodness.  Here are some pictures–notice the delicious walnut chunks and animal crackers peeking out from behind the bananas.


Nutritional facts--all healthy


So crunchy and good

Pretty baller granola


4 thoughts on “Mix My Granola–I dare you…

  1. I am behind in the times! I have yet to try MixMyGranola! I guess I’m just afraid that it will be too good and I’ll eat the container in one sitting (not good). But your mix looks diving – it truly does have a little bit of everything. Great blog BTW! I can’t wait to learn more about you!

    • Thanks for checking me out! MixMyGranola is great, and hey, if you are the whole container, at least it’s healthy right? I’m working with them right now to hopefully provide my readers with a 10% discount, so if you want to order some, let me know! It’s not quite final yet though. I’ve been checking out more on your blog and it’s great. Looking forward to what comes next

  2. I love MixMyGranola! I won some a while back before I started a blog and it’s so good!

    You have such great exercise nutrition answers so I have a new one for you! How do you figure out what is the right amount of calories for you? I think I may be eating too little..but I’m not sure!

    • I won some the same as well!
      Thanks for the comment–I will definitely answer your question because I think you may be right that you aren’t eating enough. I’m going to do a post on it and answer it that way. Thanks!

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