Christmas in Chinatown

Ok I didn’t exactly pull “A Christmas Story” and have Christmas dinner in Chinatown, but we did go to see a Capitals Game on the 23rd so decided to venture in Chinatown.  It is right next to the Verizon Center where the Washington Capitals play so its great for a quick cheap meal before the game.

We went to China Garden–we were going to try Jackey Cafe, but it looked a little shiesty, so we opted not to.  However, looking back, we decided we should have gone because it was probably awesome and authentic; so that’s the plan for next time.    Here’s what we all got: Tracy, my little sister,

Chicken with mixed vegetables in China Town

Stewart, little brother–he has a really adventurous palette so he’s always fun to bring along:

Crispy Beef in China Town

Here’s what I had:

My steamed Chicken with brocolli in China Town

And to conclude the evening…



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