Juicy Lucys!

Hey guys!  I tried out a new recipe last week and needed to inform of you its deliciousness.  Maybe some of you saw the Man Vs. Food episode where he chows down on some delicious looking Juicy Lucy burgers–Hamburgers filled with ooey gooey cheese!  Here’s a “real” one



Well I decided to make my own.

The first twist, however, was that I used pork tenderloin.  Yes, that delicious, lean, low fat meat–the trick was I had it ground for me.  I went to the butcher at Farm Fresh, picked out a tenderloin and asked them to grind it for me.  Simple.  This preserved the leaness of the meat but it also made 10 times more versatile!

Ground pork tenderloin

Then, as I had the Foreman grill heating, I grabbed enough meat for 2 burgers, split them into 4 patties, and layered mozzarella cheese in the middle (all I had was string cheese, but it worked.)


I then put the other patty on top, sealed it, and popped them on the grill to cook.  Here’s how they came out:

On the Foreman!

The final product

They were great!  I ate them as just burgers instead of with a bun in order to better taste the cheese and because I made oven fries with them.  Here are some take aways though:

1) Eat them when they are hot.  I make the mistake every night of sitting down at the computer with my meal and playing online, thus letting the food get cold, and in this case, the cheese no melty!

2) Don’t over grill them

3) Don’t use a Foreman grill unless the patties are thick enough.  The pressure from the top may cause some of the cheese to leak out, and God forbid we lose any of that goodness.  I would suggest a open grill (like a Weber) and using the basic grilling rules- flip once, never mash the burger.

Here were the fries if you wanted to see– just sliced sweet and regular potatoes, lightly seasoned and baked for about 20 minutes, flipping them at 10.



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