Dinosaur BBQ- Rochester, NY

Few of you are probably familiar with the Rochester Americans (the Amerks) AHL hockey team, but it’s a tradition for the Feerick family and co.  Every year, the day after either Thanksgiving or Christasmas, depending on when we have to visit…I mean get to visit…we get the whole squad and go watch the Amerks play. 

The best part about this is the meal before hand…at the famous Dinosaur BBQ in downtown Rochester.  There is also a location in Brooklyn and Syracuse, and their BBQ sauce is sold across the country.  It’s a awesome, honky-tonk joint serving up delicious bbq, good portions, and a decor and atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.  I giant smokers are visible from the street and the inside is covered with memorbilia, most of which is graffiti written all over the walls by loyal Dino fans.

In years past, I’ve always ordered a large meal, but it was usually grilled chicken breast with sides of applesauce.  This year I decided to branch out.  Trying to set an example for Tracy, my little sister, I ordered the half chicken with rice and beans for sides…and I actually ate some of the cornbread.  Tracy has began to show very similar behaviors to thoes that I did (and some still do) when my eating disorder was taking shape .  As a family, we have been able to catch her early on it, but as I am well aware, that person can deny there is anything wrong and its hard to force someone to eat.  Anyways..

I asked the waitress if I could have 2 breast quarters instead of a breast and leg half.  I expected to have to pay more, but she acted like it normal and hooked it up!  Here are some images of my meal, cousin Jason’s meal (the Big Ass Pork Plate) and my cousin Colin’s meal (Tres Hombres–“A spirited serving of Bar-B-Que pork,  Texas Beef Brisket (sliced) & Bar-B-Que ribs”).  Try not to salivate

Menu Board

The Grill and Pit


Tres Hombres

Honey Brined half chicken with Black beans and rice, with cornbread

If you ever get a chance, go!

On another note- what would y’all like to see me make or ingredients to experiment with?  Let me know and I’ll try to make it happen!

Also, send any fitness questions you have to me and I’ll answer them, or if I can’t, I’ll research the answer for you!

Eat up!


3 thoughts on “Dinosaur BBQ- Rochester, NY

  1. Hi Chuck!

    My fitness question is how often do you need to do high intensity cardio to maintain your body fat? I’ve gotten mine down to 14% and worked pretty hard for it so I’m just wondering if it’s easier to maintain or if you have to work just as hard!

    And you must try peanut butter on a sweet potato! It’s the best tasting thing you’ll ever eat! haha well maybe that’s an exaggeration but it is really good!

    • Thanks for the question April! First off, 14% is very low even for a female athlete, so just be careful–too low a body fat can have very negative side effects. I’m sure you knew that though, but too low body fat is also harmful for guys too–leads to hormonal imbalances in both men and women. It prodcues the effect of low testosterone in men.
      BUT, to you question- keep you high intensity cardio at about 3-4 times per week. Intervals are great for this and can be done on anything; running, biking, eliptical, swimming, etc. You could also pair this with lifting, for example run .25 miles, then push ups and squats and repeat. You can also get similar benefits by doing a Crossfit style workout and doing a circuit as many times as possible in a cetain amount of time, say 20 minutes.
      High intensity cardio is a lot harder on the body than low intensity, so make sure you are eating and resting to recover properly and mix in a healthy balance of rest days and low intensity days. Hope this helps!

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