Thanksgiving in “Raaachester”, New York

I know, its been a week since Thanksgiving has passed, but let’s be honest, who isn’t still wishing they had a tray full of  turkey, slow cooked on a smoker for hours on end in their backyard? Oh, wait, haha, I do still have that!  Thanks to my dad who smoked a turkey for me and brought it to New York in bags so that I could fly back to Virginia with it in order to enjoy it all week.   So let’s start again…

…be honest, who isn’t still wishing they had a plate full of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, greenbean casserole, and sweet potatoes, all washed down with a cool slice of pumpkin pie?  You are, I know it.  This year, I flew to Rochester to spend a few days with the entire family and enjoy an awesome Thanksgiving of over 30 people at my aunt’s house.

I also avoided starvation staying at my grandma’s house.  Old people don’t eat as much…or keep food in the house!  It’s tough for me visiting there, however.  Every time I eat, it’s my grandma saying “Gee, you young boys sure have an appetite…” “…sure eat a lot of food” etc, etc.  I can’t really explain to her, how in battling an eating disorder, that’s the absolute last thing I need to be hearing.  I can’t explain to her that with the amount I workout, I need whatever I am eating, and for the most part, it’s just a larger volume of lower calorie food.  Example: you may eat only 2 slices of Meat Supreme pizza, and I’ll eat a whole pizza with grilled chicken and light cheese, but you still ate more calories…feel me?  Sorry, just a little vent there.

God bless my grandpa Charles, though, and the big ol’ bowl of ice cream that follows both lunch and dinner!

So here’s a recap of some the dishes we had on our glorious Thanksgiving.  Gobble Gobble playa

Ree-Ree's Stuffing


Sweet potato casserole with coconut

Oh, yes.  And our favorite restaurant to drive by and shout in Chinese accents… Kam Wah!  “Kam wah me cook yo’ food!”

"Kam Wah" me cook yo' food!


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