Guest Post: The Barnyard Brawl

My younger brother, a freshman at VCU in Richmond, knows how to live and enjoy good food.  Had I any doubt previously, this picture he sent  me purely confirmed this assessment.  “the Barnyard Brawl” burger that he dominated is the first guest post on the blog, but I encourage others who have these incredible food experiences to let me know and I will post their delicious encounter!  We should all thank Stewart for his gastronomical feat.

“Rightfully dubbed The Barnyard Brawl this monstrosity of a hamburger consists of a 100% angus beef patty, chicken tenders, a fried egg, a healthy helping of bacon and american cheese. No animal goes unrepresented on this burger that you would find on any normal farm (short of horse). The burger with the works includes mayo, lettus, tomato, onion, mustard and pickles and on the table you can choose to slather you sandwich with catchup, vinegar or hot sauce. Cary Town Burgers and Fries, located in Richmond VA is known for its vast selection of burgers and fries, hence the name. Cary Town Burers and Fries is a mix of consession style ordering and a sit down place. the seating is all outside but is covered and they also do deliver. so next time you find yourself near richmond this is a must visit place. I recomend the Chilly Cheese fries!”


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Barnyard Brawl

  1. Looks good, kinda reminds me of a sandwich I had in Pittsburgh, called Primanti Bros. which had fries, coleslaw and the meat on it!

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