Birthday Weekend: Part Deux

You grow up with in a house with same other 4 people your entire life.  Then you grow up.  You turn 23 and live on your own.  What it is called when I go to see my family?  Is it still going “home”, now that I have my own place?  I would say yes…home is where the heart is, right?  Not too mention mommas cooking and Pop’s bbq brisket on the smoker.

It’s like hitting mile 5 in a marathon…you’ve gone pretty far, enough for most to call a good workout, but you still have a lot left to go.  The question is, are you prepared, and ready to power through the next miles and enjoy it?  Or is every step going to be harder than the next from here on out?  Easy answer: be Feerless

I chose for my birthday dinner, pizza!  In order to spare my mom the grief of rolling dough, I elected to have the pizza on large pitas..  Which, by the way, made outstanding custs–they are thin and get crispy like brick-oven pizza.  My advice here would be not to not add too much sauce or topping.  Stick with a basic layer of cheese and sauce for the best crust results.  My pizza was the exact of that….but still awesome.  Mine had grilled chicken, mushrooms, pineapple, onions and extra sauce.  Here it is:


My Birthday Pizza


Mom and Dad's pizza: ground beef, sauteed mushrooms and onions


Tracy's pizza: plain cheese, browned just perfectly


More of mine

Sorry, let me put my tongue back in my mouth.

It was excellent.  But it didn’t end there- my mom made an incredible cake.  Boston Cream Pie cake.  I think she made it real–mostly what the recipe called for instead of all the diet/low fat/anorexic ingredients I usually request.  Although I did make her use skim milk for the pudding filling.  It was good.  Real good. Rememer, any food can fit in a healthy lifestyle.  Not to mention I lifted then ran 9.25 miles that afternoon.  But that doesn’t matter!  Eat to train, don’t train to eat!

Thanks for everyone who wished me a happy birthday and helped to make it so great!


The cake...and it's baker


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