Been a while!

So first a race update!

Started the grueling month of September with Virginia Beach Rock n’ Roll half marathon!  My first half marathon.  I ran a 1:28:50 – a 6:47 minute mile pace.  175th overall, 21st in my age group.  There were 15,837 racers.


The week after was Patriots International triathlon in Williamsburg

2:32:31 Ok.  Slow swim, but everything else was great.  5 minutes faster in the swim and I would have ranked at the very top of my age group.  Lets just say I’ve been in the Pool a lot more lately

The next week came the Sandman Triathlon at the Virginia Beach Ocean front.  Ocean Swim–nice!! 

1:24:22  Cool, I’ll take it.  Swim was a lot better and everything else was alright.  The bike and run were both straight out and back which didn’t make for a lot of variety

This past week I took off from racing and I have Giant Acorn in Bumpass international Triathlon this coming weekend, 10/3.  Been trying to spend more time in the pool and focusing a lot more on my form to try to work on my efficiency.  I wonder if I was better swimmer when I was senior highschool than I am now??  I didn’t swim nearly as far, but I was a lot faster!

Then 10/17, Urbanathlon in Chicago!!  Except…I CAN”T FIND ANYONE TO GO WITH!!  So, if you want to take a trip to Chicago, let me race Saturday morning, then have an awesome time in the city, let me know!  Seriously.

I’ll try to post some race pics soon. Now I’ll hit you up with some more recipes…or at least variations


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