7/10/09 Workout

Thought I was gonna go to a BBQ after work…but I bailed in favor of a workout…

Lifted in the morning before work:

5×3 Dead lift with 5X7 HSPU

4X10 DB floor bench (elbows close), DB flyes, and reverse-grip lat-pull down

finshed with AMRAP 20 minutes of:

10 dips, 8 SDLHP with 35-40# dumbell, 30 second handstand hold against wall

Got 10 rounds

After work:

20 minutes hard on eliptical

1.5 mi Time trial on treadmill- 9:55

10 minutes hard on the like elliptical/ arc trainer thing–not the ones that are easy

Finished with abs.  My legs were hella tired going into this workout, thats why I did ellipitcal first, but felt good for the run after I warmed them up vigorously.

–Run sprints: Ran 10×40 yd sprint with 10 push ups and 5 BW squats between each yesterday– great anaerobic conditioning and my abs were really sore today–mix of Tuesdays abs and Wednesdays sprints.

Gotta rest, fuel, and stretch/recover.  And enjoy life


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